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Anthe. Aakash. Ac. In/exam/login – With a legacy of over 34 years, Aakash Educational Services Limited [AESL)] consumes pioneered competitive exam preparation. Popularly known as Aakash BYJU’S, we have remained at the forefront of preparing students to attain their goals of cracking medical and engineering entrance exams. With our skilled faculty and unmatched study material, Aakash BYJU produces top rankers in NEET, IIT-JEE, Olympiad NTSE, KVPY, and the 10th and 12th exams every year. From foundation to advanced courses, at Aakash BYJU, modules remain meticulously crafted for every student’s learning needs. To recognize and reward passionate and talented students nationwide, Aakash BYJU offers various scholarship tests.

Through these scholarship tests, students can secure up to 100% of a scholarship and get admission to a course of their choice to kick-start their journey. These scholarship tests remain conducted via multiple mediums: app or website-based online exams from home and offline at Aakash BYJU’S regional branches. In addition to this, a mixture of classroom and online learning courses, such as Aakash BYJU’s Hybrid mode, is designed to ensure a seamless experience for all our students.

To learn more about the courses, complete a simple form and submit your details on our web-site. Also, our team will contact you. You can also visit or call your nearest Aakash BYJU branch, and we would be happy to guide and assist you.

How Can I Access Aakash CBT on My Device?

How Can I Access Aakash CBT on My Device_

You can enter Aakash CBT on your Android or iOS device. To access it on your Android

reasonably, go to the Google Play Store and search for the Aakash CBT app. When the app name/logo appears on the screen, click “Install” and download the app. Aakash CBT App. Also, search for, download, and connect the Aakash CBT app on Apple devices from the iOS app store.

How to Register For Aakash ANTHE 2023

Candidates can roll for Aakash Anthe 2023 in both offline and offline modes. There remains no registration fee for Aakash ANTHE 2023. The steps to follow for online and offline registration are as follows

  • Online Registration for Aakash ANTHE 2023
  • Visit Aakash ANTHE’s official web-site- in
  • Register using your mobile number or Aakash PSID
  • Once candidates register, enter details like name, contact number, class, modality, and exam mode.
  • Choose Exam Date and Time and click submit.
  • Offline Registration for Aakash ANTHE 2023
  • Students can also register for Aakash ANTHE 2023 in offline mode.
  • Visit the nearest Aakash Institute center near you.

Students can download the application form for Aakash ANTHE 2023 from the official web-site: anthe. or pick it up from the midpoint.

While the application form by entering all relevant details

Submit the form at the nearest center.

Get Ready for NEET with the NEET Challenger App

The nationwide pandemic lockdown brought the entire country to a standstill but could not stop millions of students from preparing for their dreams. While the government struggled due to the challenges posed by the crisis, students continued their preparation with Aakash’s Stay at Home & Study Online Plan.

To bring the students closer to their goal, Aakash BYJU launched the NEET Challenger App, which tests students’ preparation and provides valuable insights into the NEET examination. Students will be able to thoroughly understand the questions asked in the last ten years of the history of NEET and enhance their skills and capability by strengthening their concepts.

All those students who could not make it to NEET this year have started with their preparation once again. Therefore, the NEET Challenger App will be a ‘lifesaver’ for students aiming to crack the examination. It is the key to achieving NEET with ease. According to experts, the NEET Challenger App is the best way to prepare for the upcoming NEET examination as it helps students evaluate if they are 100% prepared.

If You Are a NEET Aspirant, You Should Download The NEET Challenger App. Anthe. Aakash. Ac. In/exam/login

How Can I Access Aakash CBT on My Device_ (1)

1. Practice makes preparation perfect

Anthe. Aakash. Ac. In/exam/login – We consume all heard the famous saying that practice makes a man perfect. Well, practice also makes your preparation perfect. The NEET Challenger app gives you easy access to the previous ten years’ NEET/AIPMT questions. Now, you can attempt questions whenever and at your convenience with just one click. This will also help improve your preparation and confidence for the upcoming NEET exam.

2. Understand the underlying concepts of each question.

To succeed in NEET, it is imperative to have strong conceptual knowledge. NEET Challenger app not only gives you the correct answer to the questions but also familiarizes you with the underlying concept associated with each question. This fantastic feature strengthens your conceptual understanding, develops problem-solving skills, and increases confidence.

3. Reference to NCERT questions

You will be surprised to know how many questions have remained asked in NEET/AIPMT in the last ten years. NEET Challenger app provides an NCERT page reference for questions asked in the NCERT textbook. This will significantly benefit your preparation as you will be able to identify the topics that have been tested repeatedly in the NEET/AIPMT exam. This, in turn, will allow you to understand which topics are essential and help you prioritize your preparation accordingly.

4. Respond with a detailed explanation.

To develop your knowledge and improve your preparation, knowing the “what” answer is not enough. You need to understand the “why” behind the answer. NEET Challenger app gives you the correct answer to your ‘what’ and a detailed explanation to help you understand the ‘why.’ This will not only enhance your knowledge but will also result in long-term learning.

5. Know other possible cases

This is one of the app’s most exciting features that gives you other possibilities where the same concept or part of the concept can remain asked in the upcoming NEET exam. The NEET pattern indicates many cases where questions from previous years have been modified and repeated. This feature lets you thoroughly understand the concept and how it can remain evaluated, giving you a competitive advantage.