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bgmi uc purchase video game developers Krafton launch BGMI as the India own variant of the renowned Battle Royale Mobile Game which is known as PUBG Mobile, BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) has crossed over 100 million install since its release last year, and it soon became one of the most famous game in the India. The game also had a massive esports scene growing around it.

However, the name was revoked from the Apple Store and Google Play Store in July 28. The incident left players and infulencers across the India applled and disheartened.

Ever since the incident took place, the video game has undergone several changes and faces various restrictions, including strict restrictions on bgmi uc pusrchases. Players and Fnas of the video game should reas the section below to learn more about the game.

Indian government prohibits in-game bgmi uc purchase after BGMI’s suspension

The banned of  the game from virtual storefronts was followed by a strict limit on the purchase of the in-game currency. Players were prohibit from making any kind of bgmi uc purchase from the in-game store or through the officially known website, Codashop. To date the restriction on bgmi us purchase have not been lifted.

Meanwhile, several youtubers disvover glitches in the system that enable user with IOS devices to bgmi us purchase through the store. The glitch last for a few days before Krafton became aware of it and restrict its use. This marked the end of any bgmi uc purchase in the game.

As of now, no new updates  are receiving added to BGMI. The latest 2.2 update was not additional to the Indian variant even however it has successfully appeared in the global variant. On sep 20, the Cycle 3 Season 7 was re-introduces and the RP section was locked, which caused in the unobtainability of the Month 15 Royale Pass. Because of this, it is safe to shoulder that bgmi uc purchase will be incomplete for the next few weeks at the very least.

Fans are now eagerly waiting for the deduction of the Month 15 RP, which might result in the    arrival of the Month 16 RP and the UC store being made obtainable for Indian gamers.

MeitY’s stance on BGMI’s suspension bgmi uc purchase

In reply to an RTI filed by a gamer, GodYamarajOP, MeitY answered by saying that it acted on the request of chosen nodal officers from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). They blocked Battlegrounds Mobile India following the rules and provisions of Section 69A of the Info Technology (IT) Act, 2000 together with the Info Technology (Procedure and safeguards for discontinuing access of public information) Rules, 2009.

Based on the instructions of Section 69A of IT Act, 2000 the Indian government can give instructions to block any data from public access via any computer.

In the similar reply, MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) long-established that a confidential meeting occurred between them and Krafton legislatures. However, since Rule 16 of the Data Technology Act, 2000 prohibits the sharing of data about any complaints/requests and the measures taken in reply, details of the said meeting cannot be openly share.

It remains to be seen if both MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) and Krafton are able to reach an agreement and bring BGMI back.

How to purchase BGMI UC after Ban, Is this really possible? bgmi uc purchase

bgmi us purchase (Battlegrounds Mobile India) after banned is a main problem for Battleground Mobile India. Plyers who wants collect every Battelground Mobile India royal pass. Recently BGMI released their new M14 Royal Pass with amazing in game Battleground Mobile India rewards. Where players are only able to get the Free Pass. But they not able to purchase bgmi uc purchase to get the M14 Royal Pass.

So, in this situation what you need to do? In this article I am going to share everything A to Z details regarding bgmi us purchase after ban in India and how you can avoid them to prevent scam.

By following the Government of India order. Krafton removed the BGMI video game from App Store and Google Play Store some of people are trying to purchase US using iOS device instead of their Android devices. But I tell you that the video game remove from every official platform in India.

How to purchase BGMI UC after Ban?

Tcehnically this is not possible to purchase bgmi us purchase after banned. Because all the official sources like App Store, Google Play and even Codashop has removed. After that, The page where you buy bgmi us purchase. In this case if you purchase BGMI UC using third party method. Then you transaction will successful but US will not added to your BGMI account.

Many third party sources start showing advertisement campaign for. BGMI UC in YouTube and Google top search results to easily scam their targeted BGMI audience. But I suggest you to don’t purchase BGMI US until this game officially not available. Otherwise you will lose your money and also UC will not added to BGMI id.

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