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Cleaning Gel Write for Us

Instead of tearing your hands and fingers apart trying to get a cleaning cloth into every nook and cranny as you clean your car, why not just rub a ball of slime on it, and voila? That’s what this nifty new cleaning product does. It’s just a ball of goo that you can push and roll around in your car or home to pick up all the dust and grime that gets stuck in hard-to-reach areas like vents, cup holders, buttons, etc. Use it to clean between the keys on your computer keyboard in your office

The unique Cleaning Gel slime consists of a biodegradable gel that does not stick to hands but still absorbs dirt it touches when pushed into small areas, crevices, etc. It even leaves behind a lavender scent that not only cleans but leaves your car smelling extra fresh after cleaning.

Cleaning Gel Write for Us

To use the car Cleaning Gel, scoop a piece of the Gel and roll it into a ball. Then slowly push it into your car’s air vent or another area that needs cleaning, then slowly pull it out. The Gel will remove any dust and dirt you touch. You can even roll the slime into a cylinder around your dashboard and other places to collect all kinds of dirt and dust.

The unique cleaning gel is not only great for cleaning car interiors and office keyboards. Still, it can also clean office phones, smartphones, cameras, printers, calculators, speakers, HVAC vents, and computer screens. Televisions, stoves, and other appliances. The dirt and dust cleansing slime comes in two colors/scents: blue/lavender and yellow/lemon.

Steps to make car Cleaning Gel slime without borax

Using mud for Cleaning Gel isn’t limited to just using borax. Borax can have problems with its chemical composition that can irritate the skin.

Car slime is safe to use with other household chemicals, and using alternatives can be an excellent option for developing a homemade cleansing slime. Mix baking soda with a little contact lens Cleaning Gel solution, squeeze, and follow the same steps.

Using Pine Sol as the main ingredient, you can also make slime instead of baking soda. This is how you will do it:

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