Customer Focus

To have the best sales in Retail, you have to know the buyers and design strategies based on customer focus. Here we explain how it is done. Many of the great leaders of the business world are taking into account the idea of ​​working based on a customer focus. This tool allows you to “get inside the heads of customers” and reorganize the store based on their preferences. .

Why is it So Important to Focus on the Customer?

Focus On The Customer

It is essential to always keep in mind the role played by the client in any commercial activity since they are the most important resource as they are the way that guarantees. The income of money and that contributes to a large extent to the positioning of the brand.

In today’s retail market, the aim is always to gain customer loyalty, knowing that this will be subject to their degree of satisfaction with the products they purchase and the service received in the store.

A repeat customer leaves ten times more financial benefits than one convinced through advertising strategies. In addition, the most loyal ones become the best free publicity as they are unrelated to corporate links with the brand, which generates greater trust.

Benefits of Applying Customer Focus in Retail

  • Increases the value of our products and services for the customer
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Loyalty to the customer
  • Improve store reputation
  • Increase the number of customers
  • Increase profits

Customer Focus Example

For example, a successful experience of applying customer focus was the course charted by the world-famous Steve Jobs when he assumed leadership of the Macintosh project. Seeing the class of components used in the design of this pioneering home computer, he decided to focus on the customer

His goal was that anyone could use a computer, leaving behind the concept that these were reserve for scientists due to the complexity that their use represented.

The result was a very successful product that is still valid and that, regardless of the technological adaptations made, continues to use the same principles developed by Steve Jobs.

Example of Customer Focus Applied to Retail

As we already know, to develop a working system adjusted to the customer focus, it is necessary to have studied their behavior and needs to make the required corrections that allow greater customer satisfaction.

Suppose that in a specific retail store, many sales of video game consoles are generated in the appliance department. These are also add LED televisions of various sizes, generally bought together.

However, most of the buyers consulted expressed their wish that in addition to selling this video game equipment. They could offer everything necessary in this area to facilitate their purchase in one place.

It means that it is necessary to incorporate new products related to video games, such as; the most recent titles, joystick, headphones, and any other accessory that allows you to satisfy your demands.

It means that the department of household appliances should expand and a more significant number of square meters reserved for video games. Translating into benefits for the store listening to and applying the client’s recommendations.

Tasks For your Application

  • Study and analyze customer expectations
  • Define goals for quality improvement
  • Integrate all store staff to participate in customer focus
  • Measurement of customer satisfaction
  • Systematic customer relationship management


The customer focus strategy is a way to understand buyers and also, their needs better. It also builds loyalty to the store and improves sales performance.

To learn about and put customer focus into practice, it is advisable to use the technological tools available for the retail sector in Latin America. Such is the case of the package of solutions developed by Intelligenxia.

For this purpose, they have an innovative automated system called Retail Laboratory that offers. The possibility of carrying out the necessary virtual tests for the application of new strategies to be 100% sure before taking the next big step.