What is Customer Service?

Customer service is resolving any customer challenge, query or problem immediately and effectively. It can be done through different means of communication such as phone, email, live chat, chatbots, tickets and social networks.

How Should Customer Service Be?


The immediacy with which your customer service department responds to the demands it receives is one of the most critical factors for customers when it comes to qualifying your Business, especially now that technology has helped speed up these processes. Likewise, it is convenient that attention is available whenever clients need it.


In addition to the warmth that customer service requires, your team must be prepared to provide practical solutions to customer problems. It is counterproductive to receive a quick answer, but your doubt is not clarified. Proper advice will ensure that people are satisfied with the service in this area.


All your strategies must be orient to the benefit of the clients, seek to solve their needs and attend to all their requests; this will be reflect in the data and metrics that your customer service software will provide you. You can also get more opinions from your buyers by conducting surveys.

Think about your support strategy and implement the necessary tools and systems that allow your specialized customer service teams to serve your customers. They must satisfy all their needs, delight them with excellent service. And, at the same time, maintain constant analysis and improvement tasks to polish the details that may arise.


Take artificial intelligence as an ally to automate processes in the customer support area. Multiple tools help you optimize and speed up this work, such as customer service software that concentrates all the queries and doubts of your customers in one place.


Customer service representatives directly influence retention, revenue, and overall growth. When you invest in your specialized team in this area, you will obtain benefits in return, so the training and preparation of your collaborators is essential to satisfy the client.

What is Customer Service For?

Satisfy Customers

Customer service determines the long-term success of your Business: when you delight your buyers, they are more likely to stay with you for a long time, be loyal to your Business, recommend you and defend you in their professional and personal networks.

95 % of customers consider this critical aspect to staying loyal to a brand. Therefore, it is an essential part of the customer loyalty process.

It is a Differentiation Factor

The quality of customer service is a differentiating factor for your brand. It also depends on whether or not she prefers the competition. Multiple businesses offer the same as you in the market, but only the one that provides the fastest and most efficient assistance to the customer will immediately win his trust.

Spot New Opportunities

Another way you can take advantage of the information that the customer service area receives is to discover which points of contact with the client need improvement and the characteristics of the products or services that need to be update. Nothing wiser than taking feedback directly from your frequent buyers.

It is a Source Of Advice

The sales cycle does not end when the customer pays but goes beyond to guide them to use your product better or address any problems that arise later. Answering their questions, showing them how your products work. Solving their problems and clarify doubts are efforts that are highly valued by customers.

Retain Customers

These days, keeping your customers long-term is vital because of how expensive it is to acquire new customers. It is exponentially more costly to reach new customers than to retain existing ones.

When you increase customer retention by just 5%, you have the potential to increase revenue by up to 95%. Additionally, the companies that are currently seeing revenue growth are the ones that are investing in their customer service and support teams.