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Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a modem tech that uses existing telephone lines to carry high-bandwidth data such as hypermedia and video to service subscribers. DSL provides point-to-point, dedicated public network access. This DSL connection is usually between the network service provider’s (NSP) central office and the customer location or local loops created in buildings or campuses.

DSL attracts considerable attention from implementers and service providers. This is because it provides high-bandwidth data rates to dispersed locations with relatively minor changes to existing telecom infrastructure.

The term xDSL includes several similar but competing forms of DSL, including ADSL (asymmetric DSL).

Advantages of Asynchronous DSL

Asymmetric DSL allows more bandwidth for downstream data flow than upstream. This asynchronous technology combined with always-on access makes asynchronous DSL ideal for users who download more data than they send.

In the near future, asynchronous DSL will play a key role as telephone companies enter new markets to provide information in video and multimedia arrangements. New broadband wiring will take decades to reach all potential subscribers. The success of these new services depends on reaching as many subscribers as possible in the first few years.

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