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32 Degree Face Mask Adult Unisex Face Cover

32 Degrees Face Mask

32 Degree Adult Unisex Face Shield 8-Pack, Regular/Medium


32 degrees Face Mask

Single Ply Fabric consists of a 3-layer structure:

an upper and lower layer of very fine high-density technical fabric, which are woven together by a connecting layer of yarn.

Care instructions: 32 Degrees Face Mask

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Package Contents: Contains 2 black and 1 gray mask in a sealed tamper-evident bag.

Lightweight Comfort: This fabric is made from ultra-fine yarns woven into a high-density performance fabric, creating a mask that is lightweight, flexible, and soft against the skin.

3-Layer Fabric Construction: Moreover, this mask is made with a special double-knit fabric construction that allows this unique piece of fabric to have a 3-layer structure consisting of a top and bottom layer of performance fabric woven together at through a bonding layer of ultra-fine yarns. This creates a dense, multi-layer structure in accordance with CDC recommendations while providing the wearer with a softer, thinner, and more comfortable mask.


Due to this fabric’s ultra-fine yarns, high-density knit construction, quick-drying properties, and 3-layer internal structure, it allows for an exceptionally comfortable and breathable mask without compromising the effectiveness of the face covering.

Stretch and Fit: According to CDC guidelines, a good fit is one of the most important criteria for masks.  And also Using a 15% elastane stretch fabric with a centre seam, this mask allows for a better fit and seal, minimizing gaps for outside air to enter. Please refer to the size chart and video for guidance and proper fit. have a position

Quick Drying: A uniquely designed fibre cross-section allows this mask to dry more than twice as fast as cotton fabrics. After that, this allows exhaled moisture to evaporate much faster, reducing the hot and clammy feeling common with other masks and keeping you cooler and more comfortable.

Reusable: Made of durable, high-performance fabric, this mask is washable and reusable. Follow care instructions and wash in a small mesh laundry bag for best results.

UV Protection: Due to the high-density construction, this mask is UPF 50+ rate and blocks both UV-A (290-320nm) and UV-B (320-400nm) UV rays.

DISCLAIMER: This non-medical reusable face covering remains not FDA approve and is not a substitute for other preventive measures recommend by the CDC, including handwashing, social distancing, or not touching your face. Visit the CDC website for official guidelines and information on the safe use of face coverings. This face covering should not use by children under 2 years of age or by people with breathing difficulties.

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