Anyone who has enjoyed playing GTA has been waiting for over ten years for this new version of the game. Therefore, when information over a major leakage was posted on the internet, everybody including myself had a severe reaction.

Engaging with the leaked material, they tried to gather more information about GTA 6 in a number of hours spent on the frames’ analysis. From enhanced AI to beautiful graphics, we were finally given a sneak peek of their new Vice City.

Out of all of the videos, the police chase video was viewed most often. This was a relatively intensive scene, which we got a taste of what it could be like to play the game.

Well, if that has awakened your curiosity, congratulations, you have come to the right site. Here in this article, will explain to you all the aspects we noticed from the new Grand Theft Auto 6 police chase footage.

GTA 6 Leaks Overview

Arion Kurtaj released clips from GTA 6 this past May 2024 that has not been seen anywhere else. One of the hackers who is only 18 years old was able to get as much as 3GBs of information about the game ten of which are video files.

This gave fanatics the ability to get a sneak preview of what GTA 6 looks like before it is officially released. Some of the videos gave us information on character backstories and the potential landscape of the map.

However, as you can imagine, the action scenes were the most viewed. That’s because these showcased what it may be like to play the game.

One scene in particular, the police chase footage, made quite a buzz on the internet.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Police Chase Footage Overview

If you’re a fan of GTA, you know that police chase scenes are a staple of the game. They’re usually thrilling, with a hint of suspense.

So, the leaked GTA 6 police chase footage spread like wildfire. Let’s paint the scene.

The video starts with Lucia, the female protagonist, shooting at two pursuing cop cars from the back of a pickup truck.

We then see the lead driving around Vice City to escape being arrested. The clips show us glimpses of the fancy new streets and some potential points of interest.

While the sequence is on the shorter side, it suggests that evading the law may be a tough challenge in the next installment of GTA.

For starters, the cops can now recognize your vehicle, and they will remember you, according to PS Dev Nima. This means that respraying your car to get away is no longer an option.

Plus, the police cars take time to arrive at your location rather than respawning out of nowhere.

We also see the cops behaving much more realistically than in GTA 5. This came as a welcomed surprise to fans everywhere.

Finally, most of the footage appears to be from the pre-alpha stage of GTA 6. But, from what we can see, it seems like we can expect improved AI systems from the upcoming game.

Wrapping Up

The GTA 6 police chase footage is one of the most interesting clips to come out of the massive leak that occurred in May 2024.

From the videos, we can see Lucia being chased by two police cars throughout Vice City. Even though the footage was only a few minutes long, it gave us a glimpse at the excitement that GTA 6 has in store for us.