Spotify has turned many new songs into overnight successes. Lorde, Glass Animals, and Anne-Marie are just a few names who benefited from Spotify’s fame. That’s why a good Spotify promotion is a must for a new artist. But this isn’t the only place where you can get your music heard.

The Internet is full of opportunities, and if you’re a new artist, you should take advantage of each one of them. In today’s article, we will talk about 5-tips to get your music heard on the Internet successfully. Let’s dive in!

Explore Different Audio Streaming Platforms.

Spotify is the largest audio streaming platform, with 195 million paid monthly subscribers. But it’s not the end of the world.

We also have SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Pandora. All of these platforms have good numbers of active users. So, while you should be on Spotify, you should also be on these different services.

This way, you will be able to increase your music’s visibility and viewership. More people will listen to it, and hence, expand your audience.

Optimize Your Profile

Once you’ve uploaded your music on different platforms, don’t just still idol and hope for things to work. These services depend on programmed algorithms to show relevant content to their users. If you learn to tackle these algorithms, your music will top the list immediately.

But how should you do that? Here are some tips to help you:

  •     Add keywords to your music or playlist title.
  •     Create random playlists (a mix of popular and new artists) and include your best songs in them.
  •     Build your playlist around moods and themes. Streaming services usually recommend music based on customer behavior.
  •     Use attractive and bold cover photos.

Sign Up for an Online Distribution Service

An online distribution service refers to a company that takes the responsibility of distributing your music in digital format. It will typically upload the music on top streaming platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud.

It also makes sure the music is available for downloading and purchasing. As a result, you don’t have to worry about releasing individual songs. These services also pay royalties.

Make Use of Social Media

If you really want to top the game, jump onto social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. An average person spends up to 2 & ½ hours on social media. While this shows the highly-addictive nature of the apps, it also highlights the growth potential.

There are thousands of people on those apps. You can use your music to make reels, stories, and posts. This will allow more people to explore your work and become loyal listeners!

Don’t Forget the Community!

Perhaps, the most important point of this article is to connect with your community. Be it bloggers or fellow artists – work on building good relationships.

These people will review your work, and if they like it, you’ll receive free promotions in the form of recommendations and endorsements. This will drive their traffic to your profile. What’s more, these people will also serve as the way to bigger opportunities!