Instagram for Business

For startup businesses looking to grow their brand and expand their marketing reach, Instagram is the best option. As things stand, marketers around the world recognize the immense potential of Instagram with its staggering number of users and have developed various tactics to promote their brands with the help of Instagram’s visual features.

Before deploying your social media marketing strategy, you need to develop one. Every inspiring Instagram success story has a common denominator—organic growth. If you need help devising the plan that will take your Instagram game to the next level, take a look at these essential tips.

Build a Relationship With Your Followers

For many businesses, growing their social media channels is paramount while engagement and communication are sidelined. Nowadays, that’s unacceptable. Customers seek to form a sentimental experience with a brand before they make the purchase.

For that reason, it’s best that you set yourself up for success and “humanize” your profile. To do this, opt for a simple yet meaningful name with a short and witty bio. Add a little sprinkle of humor to it and followers will forever remember your brand.

After your profile is set up, you need to proactively seek engagement. It’s well known among expert Instagram marketers that engagement drives growth. So, don’t be too afraid to spark up a discussion in the comment section or through posts on trending topics.

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Improve Your Content

First things first, your content needs to add value to your followers. Pumping out content that screams “advertising” will get you nowhere and fast. Instead of content with no value, create your content around trending topics and provide your followers with insights about your business. Share behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, testimonials, interviews, infographics, and so on.

In addition to that, it’s very important that you have at least a whole month of content ready and waiting to be deployed. That being said, when you are trying to grow Instagram followers organically, it’s important that the quality exceeds the quantity when it comes to content. With that in mind, If you run out of content and you don’t post for a long period of time, your followers might move on to the brand that posts fun and valuable content.

Work With influencers

Influencers are the stars of Instagram. These individuals have the power to propel your brand to new heights and bring a significant amount of traffic your way. If you build a strong relationship with an influencer, you might even get better fees and free product placement in their content.

If you want to grow quickly, consider working with influencers that have a high or medium number of followers. Of course, the fees you pay for the influencer’s services are determined by their following.

Instagram for Business

Share Your Employee’s Voice

Employees are the engine that enable your business to function properly. Without motivated and happy employees you’ll fall into the category of faceless businesses that only care about financial turnover.

For that reason, include your employees in your social media marketing strategy. You can either make visual content that showcases how your employees go around their daily work tasks. By doing this, you can also showcase the atmosphere at your workplace which will help you attract new employees.

By putting the spotlight on your employees and the work atmosphere, you can potentially find new talents willing to join your business.

From Stories to Evergreens

To highlight the essence of your brand, take a look at how your content performed over the years. You can use Instagram Insight to get valuable information and see what worked and what didn’t.

The most effective way to showcase what your brand is really about is to take into account which one of your Story-exclusive content performed the best. When you decide which one of your Stories deserves to grace your Instagram account, add them to Highlights.

By utilizing the power of the Highlights feature, you can leverage your “best-of” content and make it easier for new followers to acquaint themselves with your brand.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is the social media where your marketing goals can be achieved and cost-free. If you follow the advice we shared today in the article, you will grow organically and build a community rather than a following.