When most people think of expensive jewelry, they think of diamonds. And while diamonds are certainly some of the most valuable gems in the world, they’re not the most expensive. There is one jewel that is worth more than any diamond on earth. Known as The Flawless, this pink diamond is said to be worth over $100 million. Unique and rare, it’s no wonder that this jewel is so coveted by collectors and investors alike. So what makes The Flawless so special? Let’s take a closer look.

The story of the diamond

The Flawless was the name of the most perfect diamond in the world. It was cut from a larger diamond that had been found in India over two thousand years ago. The Flawless was set in a gold ring and worn by an Indian king. When the king died, the diamond was passed down to his son. The son sold the diamond to a French jeweler. The jeweler sold it to an English duke. The duke’s grandson gave it to his fiancée. The fiancée wore it on her wedding day. The couple’s grandson took it to America. The diamond was stolen from him and has never been seen since. Despite its long and complicated history, the story of the Flawless diamond is a testament to the enduring value of this precious stone.

How was it discovered?

The Flawless is a brilliant diamond that was first discovered in South Africa. The stone is truly unique, weighing in at over 400 carats. The discovery of The Flawless was nothing short of miraculous, and the stone quickly became world-famous. The story of The Flawless is a fascinating one, and it provides a rare glimpse into the world of diamonds. The stone was originally found by a prospector who was sifting through the gravel in a riverbed. The prospector, who wished to remain anonymous, sold The Flawless to a local jeweler for a small sum of money. The jeweler then sold The Flawless to a private collector for an undisclosed amount. The collector eventually put The Flawless up for auction, where it was purchased by an anonymous buyer for $25 million. The story of The Flawless goes to show that diamonds can be found in the most unlikely of places. With a little luck, anyone might just strike it rich.

The journey to becoming the most expensive jewel in the world

The stone was cut and polished by the famous jeweler, Charles Lewis Tiffany. The Flawless is currently on display at the Tiffany & Co. flagship store in New York City. The journey to becoming the most expensive jewel in the world began when Charles Lewis Tiffany purchased the stone for $18,000. He then had it cut and polished into a brilliant white diamond. The resulting gem was so magnificent that it quickly became known as The Flawless. For nearly a century, The Flawless remained unrivaled in terms of size, quality, and brilliance. However, in 2014, another white diamond, Oppenheimer Blue, was sold for $58 million. The Oppenheimer Blue is now the world’s most expensive jewel. However, The Flawless continues to be revered as one of the most beautiful and valuable diamonds in existence.

Who owns it now and what do they pay for it?

The Flawless is a diamond that was purchased by an anonymous buyer for 25.7 million dollars at an auction in 2013. The diamond is currently the world’s most expensive cut and polished diamond. The previous owner of the diamond was British jeweler Harry Winston, who purchased the stone in 1971 for $1 million. The Flawless is a Type IIa diamond, which means that it is chemically pure and free of any impurities. The diamond is also incredibly rare; only about two percent of all diamonds are classified as Type IIa. The Flawless weighs in at just over 100 carats, making it one of the largest known diamonds in the world. The diamond’s clarity, size, and purity make it one of the most valuable stones ever to be sold at auction.

What makes it so special?

The diamond is internally and symmetrically flawless, meaning that it has no blemishes or inclusions visible to the naked eye. In addition, the diamond is cut in the “Old Mine” style, which was popular during the 19th century. The Old Mine style is characterized by a shallow concern, high crown, and small table, which helps to give the Flawless its unique shape and sparkle. Today, the diamond is on display at the British Museum, where it continues to dazzle visitors from all over the world.

Is the most expensive jewelry in the world insured?

Many people believe that the most expensive jewelry in the world is automatically insured. However, this is not always the case. In many instances, the owner of the jewelry must purchase a separate insurance policy to protect their investment. For example, a diamond ring insurance policy will typically cover the replacement value of the diamond if it is lost or stolen. Without this type of coverage, the owner would be responsible for the full cost of replacing the diamond. As a result, it is important to carefully consider whether or not insurance is necessary when purchasing expensive jewelry.