Loreal Hair Color


L’Oréal thinks you deserve it, so you should too! Find the ideal shade using the Loreal hair colour chart, whether you want to use Excellence Creme to look as young as you feel or Casting Crème Gloss to discover your colour crush. Remember the golden rule of skin undertones when selecting the perfect hair colour for your hair and complexion: warm hair colours work well with cool skin tones, and cool colours go well with warm skin tones.

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LÓreal Hair Color Shades in Black

1. Black – Neutral Black

L’Oréal Hair Color Black Excellence CrèmeBlack – Neutral Black

This black hair colour from the LOreal line would look good on all skin tones and complexions in India. It can be replaced with the L’Oréal dark brown hair colour if you prefer a lighter look. This colour would enhance the softness of your facial features.

2. Ebony Black – Neutral Black

L’Oréal Hair Color Black Casting Creme GlossEbony Black – Neutral Black

This specific L’real black hair is perfect for hiding grey hair because it is a natural black with a hint of brown.

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LÓreal Brown Hair Color Shades for Indian Skin

3. Aishwarya’s Brown – Warm Brown

L’Oréal Hair Brown Color Paris Excellence CrèmeAishwarya's Brown – Warm Brown

This warm shade of brown hair will give your face a glow if you have a medium, wheatish complexion with cool undertones. The deep shade of dark brown from L’Oréal offers your hair a gorgeous finish.

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4. Natural Brown – Neutral Brown

L’Oréal Hair Color Paris Excellence CremeNatural Brown – Neutral Brown

If you’re seeking brown hair colour options from Loreal, this natural shade complements warm and cool skin tones. Especially for hiding grey hair, women with olive or dark skin should give it a shot.

5. Iced Chocolate – Cool Brown

L’Oréal Brown Hair Color Casting Creme GlossIced Chocolate – Cool Brown

It is the ideal cool brown according to the L’Oréal hair colour chart for warm skin tones. Try the L’real chocolate brown hair colour to complement your skin if it has yellow or golden undertones.

6. Praline Brown – Warm Brown

L’Oréal Hair Color Casting Creme GlossPraline Brown – Warm Brown

Do you still struggle to decide which L’real hair colour to choose? They stood designed for each other! Think about the Praline Brown. This warm brown hair colour looks good with cool skin tones. This L’real highlights colour looks best when applied in a balayage manner. Use it over the dark brown L’Oréal hair colour base.

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Red Shades from the LÓréal Hair Color Range

7. Burgundy – Cool Red

L’Oréal Hair Color Excellence CremeBurgundy – Cool Red

The warmest skin tones complement this L’real Burgundy hair colour the best. You have two colouring options: full colour or burgundy lowlights or streaks.

8. Dark Mahogany Red – Warm Red

L’Oréal Red Hair Color Excellence CremeDark Mahogany Red – Warm Red

The deep mahogany shade of Loreal’s red hair colour is ideal for cold Indian complexion tones.

9. Scarlet Power – Warm Red

L’Oréal Hair Color Paris Preference InfiniaScarlet Power – Warm Red

For those hair colour trends, this Loreal red shade is ideal. It is the edgy shade of red you’re looking for. Try streaks or ombre if a red whole head colour is too intense for you.

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LÓreal Blonde Hair Colors to Try

10. Light Brown – Cool

L’Oréal Blonde Hair Color Excellence CremeLight Brown – Cool

Try this wonderful hair colour for the ombre style. This specific blonde hair colour complements Indian complexions pretty well, despite being more bronde than blonde.

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