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Marketing cover letter – templates and tips

Marketing cover letter

Are you someone who is interested in marketing and want to kickstart your career? If you plan to send in your resumes, ensure you include a Marketing cover letter. While your resume gives the hiring manager all the details about your experience and education, adding a cover letter can make a better impression.

If you are planning to apply for an entry-level marketing role, here are some templates and tips for writing your marketing cover letter based on your qualification.

Marketing Cover Letter Sample

Always keep the format in a business letter structure. It helps you maintain professionalism. Start by mentioning the date and addressing the hiring manager or recruiter. You can then write about your background in the body of the letter, detailing your education, skills, and experience. Later, conclude the letter by thanking them and signing it.

September 11, 2022


Hiring Manager,

XXX Group,

XXX – 12345

Dear Rahul,

I am XX, and I have completed my bachelor’s degree in marketing at XYZ College. I am interested in the marketing position opening with the XXX group and believe my qualifications meet your requirements.

During my tenure at the college, I have worked on many marketing campaigns like xx, yyy, and zzz. I have used most opportunities to hone my marketing and communication skills. I have interned at the zzz organization where I worked as ….. During the internship, I created many presentations and developed web pages. My marketing idea pitch was selected for the main marketing campaign of the xxx brand.

(Talk about your education, the kind of skills you have developed, and soft skills like communication and others)

I believe my education and experiences will make me a prime candidate for the position. I am passionate about marketing and will be a valuable asset to the company if given the opportunity.

Thank you for considering my application. Herewith I have attached my resume and portfolio for your kind perusal.

Best Regards,



Skills to include

When you write a cover letter for marketing, you can choose to highlight different skills from a wide array of options. It is always best to write about a mix of hard and soft skills. You could also talk about your creativity, organizational skills, people skills, and a few others that are important in marketing.


Whenever you talk about an experience or skill, it would be great if you could cite some examples of your achievements. Also, show those achievements with hard numbers, if you can. This will help in setting the mark.

Closing Statement

The opening and closing statement of the cover letter plays a significant role. So when you end a cover letter, craft a compelling statement that impresses the hiring manager. You can reiterate your skills and discuss how you will contribute to the organization.


Wrapping Up

When you hunt for jobs, writing a cover letter specially tailored to each job and organization is vital. You should note the crucial points in the job description and draft a cover letter accordingly.

Review Marketing cover letter – templates and tips.

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