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Memory protection is a way of controlling memory access rights in a computer and is part of most modern operating systems and instruction set architectures. The main purpose of memory protection is to prevent a process from accessing unallocated memory. This prevents a bug or malware in one process from affecting other processes or the operating system itself.

Security can include all accesses to a specific area of ​​memory, including write accesses or attempts to execute the contents of the area. An attempt to access unauthorized memory results in a hardware error, eg segmentation fault, storage violation exception, usually resulting in abnormal termination of the offending process. Memory protection for system protection includes additional techniques such as address space structure randomization and executable space protection.

Security Keys

A memory protection key (MPK) mechanism divides physical memory into blocks of a fixed size (for example, 4 KiB), each of which has an associated numerical value called a protection key. Each process has an associated security key value. On a memory access, the hardware checks whether the security key of the current process matches the value related with the memory block being accessed; Otherwise, an exception is thrown.

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