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Memory Security Write for Us

Memory Security Write for Us

In this article, we will discuss memory protection in operating systems. As we know, different operating systems use different forms of memory protection or separation, consisting of Plan9 and Inferno, Microsoft Windows, etc.

In memory protection, we have to protect the operating system from user processes and this can be done using a reallocation register with a limit register. Here, the reallocation register has the value of the smallest physical address, while the limit register has the range of logical addresses. These two registers have some conditions, like each logical address must be less than the limit register. The memory management unit is used to dynamically translate the logical address with the value in the reallocation register, after which the translated (or mapped) address is sent to memory.

In the above diagram, when the scheduler selects a process for execution, the dispatcher, on the other hand, is responsible for loading the relocation and boundary registers with the correct values as part of the context switch as each address generated by the CPUs. is verified against these 2 logs, and we can protect the operating system, programs, and user data from being tampered with by this running process.

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