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What is Mobile Device? – Application, Security, and More

What is Mobile Device_ – Application, Security, and More

With the growing number of mobile device in the corporate world, you need a way to examine any mobile device that accesses your company’s resources. Desktop Central, our flagship unified endpoint management software, is designed for simplified management of desktop and mobile devices. It provides a unified console to manage mobile devices securely and also, simplifies the management of Windows 10 laptops and Mac devices with its extensive modern management capabilities.

Mobile Application Management.

Device management doesn’t end with configuring policies, retrieving asset information, and protecting your devices. App management is just as important as configuring employee mobile devices.

With Desktop Central, You Can:

Mobile Security Management

No two businesses are alike: Enforce strict policies at multiple levels to meet your specific security needs.

Profile Management.

Protect corporate resources by setting and enforcing policies on mobile devices.

With Desktop Central, you can create and configure policies and profiles for different departments or functions.

Mobile Content Management.

When staffs use mobile devices for work, they need access to company resources on their devices.

Desktop Central allows administrators to remotely share content with employee devices without compromising security.

With Desktop Central, You Can:

Email Management.

Desktop Central allows you to manage corporate emails through platform containers and also, Exchange ActiveSync securely. With mobile email management, you can set up, secure, and also, manage corporate email accounts for personal and company-owned devices.

With Desktop Central, You Can:


Employees can perform work-related tasks using their mobile devices in a BYOD environment. However, BYOD management only works if you can effectively manage these devices and protect their data from being compromised.

Desktop Central gives you the ability to set policies and also, restrictions to keep company data secure. Desktop Central allows you to create containers in the following ways:

Kiosk mode.

Lockdown mobile devices to run a single app or a selected set of apps. Desktop Central supports lockdown features for iOS/iPadOS, tvOS, Android, and also, Windows devices.

With Desktop Central, you can:

Management of Operating System Updates.

All though, devices receive regular updates to the operating system, which are usually security patches or feature enhancements to the device. Desktop Central gives administrators granular control over operating system updates released for iOS/iPad OS, Android, and also, Chrome devices.

With Desktop Central, you can:

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