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What is News? – Features, Types, and More

What is News_ – Features, Types, and More

What is News?

News is a type of journalistic text, both written and auditory or audiovisual, consisting of an objective narration of some new, current and public interest event. However, some distinguish it from the journalistic note, arguing that the news is the story told in itself, while the letter is the text through which it is said.

The news is the result of collecting information by one or several journalists, either because they were present at the scene of the events, consulted those who were, or consulted documentation on the matter.

It differs from other forms of journalistic communication. It must be transmit in the most objective way possible, without allowing for subjectivities or self-referential data from the journalist.

Generally, a News Story Comprises Three Different Parts, Which are:

The news is transmit to the interest public through the media, whether printed or audiovisual, and whether from an informative, general or more technical perspective, as in the case of specialized media.

News Features

The News is Characterized by:

Types of News

The traditional way of classifying news attends to two fundamental characteristics: its general theme and its treatment. Let’s look at each one separately:

News Structure

The usual structure of the news is known as the “inverted pyramid”: it always starts from the most relevant and timely information towards the broader context. In other words, notice should be written in the sense of the most specific to the most general.

To meet this condition, it is recommend that the first paragraph of all news be written in such a way as to answer the five questions (“5 W” in English) of journalism:

In the rest of the note, the “how did it happen?” can be developed, and supplementary information can even add, such as references to previous news that are related or to events that serve to detail the context of the word.

What is News For?

A piece of news serves to inform your audience of one or more events in a given area. In other words, it remains a source of data, events or information of interest to public opinion.

At the same time, it fulfils the social role of disseminating and making public the events in which it is interested, which keeps the instances of power within society under scrutiny. Moreover, it is vital in sustaining a healthy democracy, so dictatorial regimes censor the press and control what news is publish and what is not.

News Examples

The Following Are Some Examples Of News:


It is information about current events. It may be provided through many different media: word of mouth, printing, postal systems, broadcasting, electronic communication, or through the testimony of observers and witnesses to events. News is sometimes call “hard news” to differentiate it from soft media.

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