The Norfolk Daily News, on the River Point in Downtown Norfolk, provides the latest news to Northeast Nebraska, reporting on everything from Norfolk news to events happening across the globe. The Daily News covers sports, obituaries, celebrations, community events, health topics, and more.

Multi-media news organization in Norfolk. The Norfolk Daily News reaches more people in more ways than ever before. Nobody covers Norfolk & Northeast Nebraska like do.

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About Norfolk Daily News

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The Norfolk News remains a daily news organization in downtown Norfolk, Nebraska. It is one of the few newspapers in the country owned and run by an individual family.

The Huse family, including publisher Bill Huse, has owned and operated the Norfolk Daily News since 1888. Five generations of the Huse family have run the newspaper.

The Norfolk Daily News began as a daily newspaper on May 1, 1887, and was purchased by the Huse family in 1888 when its circulation was 400.

William Huse founded the first newspaper in northeast Nebraska in Ponca in 1871 and purchased the Norfolk Daily News with his son, W.N. Huse. The latter moved to Norfolk to manage the newspaper.

W.N. was editor until he died in 1913. He remained succeeded by his son, Gene, who was editor until 1956 and president of Huse Publishing Company until he died in 1961. Gene founded the radio station WJAG in Norfolk, which received his license in 1922.

The Norfolk Daily News is a newspaper located in Norfolk, Nebraska, with a rich history and a solid local presence. This is what I found about it:


Founded in 1877, the Norfolk Daily News is one of Nebraska’s oldest continuously published newspapers.

Curiously, it is one of the few family newspapers left in the country. It has been owned and operated by the Huse family since 1888 and is currently in the hands of Bill Huse, the fifth generation.

Over the years, the newspaper has expanded beyond news coverage, starting three radio stations in the area: KAWL AM 1350, KZOT 102.9 FM, and KOOL 105.5 FM.

Content and Scope:

The Norfolk Daily News focuses on local news coverage for northeast and north central Nebraska, covering events in Madison County.

It publishes six days a week, with print and online versions.

Current Events:

As of today, October 26, 2023, their website and social media remain filled with news about the recent snowstorm in Madison County, with updates on snowfall amounts, power outages, and safety precautions.

They also feature stories about local sports teams, high school events, and upcoming holiday celebrations in the community.

In General:

The Norfolk Daily News is a well-established and respected news source for residents of Norfolk and surrounding areas. It is a testament to the power of local journalism and the importance of family businesses in maintaining a community’s identity.

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