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Online privacy, also recognized as internet privacy or digital privacy, refers to how private your personal, financial, and browsing data is when you’re online. This has become a rising concern as browsing history and personal data are more at risk. To cite just one example, the number of publicly reported data breaches in the US through September 2021 was up 17% over the previous year. Online Privacy Write For Us

Many people underestimate the importance of privacy online, but they should be aware of the information they share not only on social networks but also through browsing.

Why is Online Privacy Important?

The importance of digital privacy becomes clear when you mentally list the personal things you’re willing to share with complete strangers and the things you don’t want to share. Of course, you don’t want your medical records, bank statements, or even a few items in your shopping cart to become widely known. Anyone who has seen you has seen how easy it is to get personal info about somebody, such as their home address, friends’ names, likes, or favorite places based on what they’ve shared publicly.

Yes, you can brand your social media account secluded and share specific content only with specific people. But how do you really know what social networks are doing with the data you share? What about your other online traces, such as your browsing history, purchases, or your online correspondence?

Concerns About Personal Privacy on the Internet

In a survey of US internet users, 81% of those surveyed believed they had no control over the data collected by private companies. Worse, the number jumped to 84% when people were asked if they could control the data the government collects.

To address similar concerns, the EU has adopted the GDPR or General Data Protection Rule. This set of laws, accepted in 2016 and applied in 2018, aims to protect the privacy and data of all EU citizens.

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