Paystubs Online – Simply put, a pay stub is a document that shows an employee’s income. It shows detailed records of salary, taxes paid, overtime pay, and more – for workers; paystubs are usually kept for documentation after cashing out payroll checks.

How To Make Paystubs Online

There is a plethora of software you can use on the internet to quickly generate professional and accurate pay stubs in just a few minutes; read about it, regardless of whether you are an individual who needs a pay stub for personal or loan needs. Or an employer who needs to create pay stubs for your staff’s tax purposes or to resolve any discrepancies with their pay. Below is a detailed guide on creating a pay stub online.

Choose an Online Pay Stub Generator

As stated before, there are lots of online software for generating pay stubs, all of which vary by features and cost; some cost a small fee, while others are free for use. In all, when choosing an online pay stub generator for personal needs or employee pay, you should consider the following factors:

  • You should ensure your preferred pay stub generator is user-friendly, i.e., it should be easy to use or understand.
  • Choose a paystub generator that allows branding; thus, you can include your company’s logo and information.
  • Choose a paystub software that calculates taxes and deductions accurately.
  • Also, be sure the generator you choose uses encryption to secure your personal and financial information.

Fill in Your Company Information

Once you have chosen a preferred online pay stub generator, you will need to fill in some essential details before generating your pay stub. All information you need to fill in the paystub generator you can get from a previous pay stub or on the employee’s W-2 form.

  • Complete your company information, including company name, email address, city, zip/postal code, county/region, and state/province.
  • Fill in your employee information. All the data you need to fill in this category of the paystub generator includes; first name, last name, email address, employee id number, address, city, zip/postal code, county, and state you live in.
  • Complete the income information; pay date, pay period end, annual income, and how you are paying, either biweekly, weekly, daily, or monthly.
  • Fill in the deductions information, including income tax, union dues, life insurance, etc.

Customize Your Pay Stub

When inputting all the required information in the paystub generator, you could customize your paystub by adding your company‘s logo and information; that way, your paystub seems professional.

Preview and Download Your Pay Stub

Choose a preferred theme and preview your pay stub to ensure all information inputted is accurate and looks how you want it to. After that, download your pay stub, save it to your computer or device, and print it.


Creating a pay stub online is an effortless process, which takes a few minutes. With the right online pay stub generator, you can generate professional and accurate pay stubs for yourself or, if you are an employer, for your staff.