Are you ready to take your poker skills to the next level? The first step is understanding poker card rankings. Different poker games feature different poker hand rankings, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with them before diving into any game.

This article will overview the poker hands ranked from best to worst and explore more popular poker-playing variations.

What Makes Up a Winning Poker Hand?

In poker rankings, each hand consists of five cards: two hidden ‘hole’ cards and three shared with other players. The highest-ranking poker hands in order will win the pot – but what exactly makes up a winning poker hand?

Royal Flush: The best poker hand is a Royal Flush, which consists of the ace, king, queen, jack, and ten of a particular suit. A Royal Flush beats all other poker hands.

What Makes Up a Winning Poker Hand

Straight Flush: This poker hand contains five consecutive cards from the same suit (for example, the seven, eight, nine, ten, and jack of spades).

Four of a Kind: Also known as ‘Quads,’ this poker hand consists of four identical cards (for example, four Kings or four Jacks). If two players have similar Quads, the player with the higher fifth card will win.

Four of a Kind

Full House: This poker hand comprises three matching cards and two matching cards (for example, three Queens and two Jacks). If two players have a Full House, the player with a higher ranking of the three matching cards will win.

Flush: A poker Flush comprises five non-consecutive cards from the same suit. If two players have a Flush, the rank of each player’s highest card will determine which hand wins.

Straight: Also known as a ‘Run,’ this poker hand consists of five consecutive cards regardless of the suits. The highest-ranked Straight will win if two or more players have straights – for example, Ace-high straight beats a King-high straight.

Three-of-a-Kind: This poker hand contains three matching cards (for example, three Aces) and two unmatched cards. If two players have the same Three-of-a-Kind poker hand, the player with the highest-ranking card of the two unmatched ones will win.

Two Pair: This poker hand has two matching pairs and one unmatched card. If two players have Two Pair poker hands, the highest-ranked pair will determine who wins – for example, two-pair with Queens over two-pair with Jacks.

One Pair: This poker hand contains one matching pair and three unmatched cards. If two players have One Pair poker hands, the higher rank of their respective pairs will win – for example, a pair of Kings over a pair of Jacks.

High Card: This hand is obtained when you have no other poker hands to play, and your poker hand consists of five unmatched cards. In this situation, the poker hand with the highest card rank will win – for example, Ace-high over King-high.

Understanding Kickers

When playing online poker, understanding kickers is critical to success. Kickers are essential because they can affect the rank of your hand. For instance, if two players have the same two pairs at a Texas Hold’em table, and one has a King kicker while the other has an Ace kicker, the player with the Ace will win since his hand is now higher than the other. Thus, kickers are crucial to winning online poker, as your kicker can determine whether you win or lose hands.

Online poker has three main types of kickers: Pair, High Card, and Multiple Kickers.

A pair kicker is when both players have the same pair, with one player having a higher kicker card than their opponent.

Higher card kickers occur when neither player has any specific hand, and the highest ranking card in both hands determines the winner.

And finally, multiple kickers are when two or more players have similar hands, but one holds another card to tip it in their favor.

Knowing when you have an advantageous kicker over your opponent gives you a much better chance of winning pots online. Therefore, online poker players must understand how their kickers affect their Hand rankings to succeed at the online tables.

Tips for Becoming a Professional Poker Player

  • Practice poker hand ranking with various poker games.
  • Make sure to practice your poker strategy.
  • Always keep poker hands ranked in mind.
  • Keep honing your hand-ranking skills.
  • Learn from experienced poker players and read up on poker strategies online.


Poker is undoubtedly one of the most played card games worldwide. Knowing which poker hands are the best and worst might give you an advantage over your opponents and help you get ahead. Being familiar with poker hands ranked is an important factor that can give players a better understanding of poker and its strategies. With this knowledge, poker players can develop the best possible strategy for any given situation and increase their chances of winning the pot. The poker hand strength discussed in this article should provide players with enough information to get them started on their poker journey. It’s crucial to remember that poker isn’t simply about luck; becoming a professional player requires practice, talent, and strategy. To start winning large at poker, keep honing your hand-ranking skills.

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