Snap One Women in Technology Summit

Snap One near Host Women in Technology Summit to Celebrate International Women’s Day

CHARLOTTE, NC, March 1, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, Snap One has opened registration for its first Women in Tech Summit, a virtual event that encourages women to pursue leadership careers in technology. technology industry. The Global Summit, with two sessions of 90 minutes each, will adopt this year’s theme: “Breaking Prejudice”. Register here and here for both sessions.

“There is an unlucky bias that women can’t work in technology. We are living proof that not only do we work in this industry, but we can also make a huge positive impact as a leader,” said Dawn Boland, Snap One Senior Vice President, Partner Services and Technical Support. “By publicizing our achievements, we hope to encourage other women to apply for positions in this field, while also encouraging industry organizations to nurture more female talent.”

The two 90-minute sessions will feature female CEDIA, AVIXA, and Snap One executives and merchant owners, as well as live interactive questions and answers.

The Schedule Includes:

  • Session 1 (March 8 at 9:00AM EDT / 2:00PM UTC) with guest speaker Margie Myers (Snap One Principal Product Manager) and panel discussion featuring Joe Lloyd (Senior Director of Communications, AVIXA), Don Boland (Snap One SVP for Partner Services and Mechanical Support), Jen Mallett (Owner of Level Up Mechanization) and Connie Gray (Snap One Sr. Director of Engineering)
  • Session 2 (March 8 at 3pm GMT/March 9 at 9am AEST) with guest speaker Susan Cashin (Industry Board Member, Consultant and Consultant) and panel discussion with Patti Manning (Regional Director for Latin America at CEDIA), Ashley Swenson (Senior Vice President of Marketing at Snap One, Louise Brandish (Proprietor and Senior System/Network Engineer at Eagle Knowledge & Solutions Pty Ltd) and Lisa Morph (Primary Software Engineer at Snap One)

“We can break prejudices and encourage young women to develop their talents and strengths in STEM fields,” Poland said. “At the same time, we can educate hiring managers about the implicit bias that. Prevents women and women of color from moving up the ranks. By identifying challenges and problems, we can take action to overcome them. The first step is discussion.”

At the assumption of the event, Snap One will unveil a reserve page and forum for frequent reference by industry professionals.

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