To know what software development consists of, we must first understand what we mean by software. In general terms, it is a set of instructions that tell the computer how to work.

Nowadays, we all have direct contact with various software for actions as simple and regular as communicating with someone, buying, selling, etc. These are responsible for making our lives more comfortable and straightforward.

Types of Software

Although there is no official classification, it is possible to separate into three types:

Systems Software

They take care of vital functions on computers and mobile devices. For example, operations software (iOS, Android, Windows), tools (antivirus, clipboard manager, diagnostic programs), and hardware management.

Programming Software

Programming Software

These provide programmers with the tools to create software. There is a wide variety of these, which can change according to the purpose and time of use. Some of the most common are text editors, compilers, and debuggers.

Application Software

These are the application that we can recognize more easily. We use It to carry out activities such as listening to a song, watching videos, sharing photos, etc. We often know them simply as applications, and today they have spread throughout the world and generate a large amount of income for those who create them.

What is Software Development?

In simple words, it is the process that includes all the tasks that carry out a software project from its conception to its production and delivery. Typically, this can done by frontend and backend developers, DevOps engineers, quality engineers, product designers, project managers, etc.

The roles of those protagonists may coincide, and the dynamics between them often vary. On the other hand, it is essential to note that software development can also refer to the tasks of writing, solving, and maintaining the source code of a program.

What is the Software Life Cycle?

All activities within software development must be planned, divide into stages and put in a logical order. This order is often referred to as the systems development process or it life cycle (SDLC).

In general, this consists of a process of seven different stages requirements analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance. Let’s learn a little more about the phases of software development.

Requirements Analysis

Here you begin to gather all the client’s requirements about the software to be develope. What features will need to be included? How does it have to look? How should it work? This step is necessary to make adjustments and visualize what you want to create.


In the next stage, the team determines the cost and resources needed to implement the requirements gathered in the previous phase. In other words, the team must determine the feasibility of the project and the best way to implement it with the least possible risk. Potential risks are also detail here, and plans are offer to overcome them.


Once the planning phase is over, the project’s architecture begins to be built. The programming language and the database that best fit the project are select. It also removes possible errors by setting a standard and sticking to it.


Now the development process begins appropriately. In this stage, the components and also,  functionalities of the program begin to be creat.


The results then need to be examine, so software testing is start. Test cases are carry out to find possible errors, and the necessary corrections are made.


It is the stage where the project comes to life. Therefore, all the activities that allow the software to be made available for general use are perform here.


Once the project goes through each of the previous phases without problems, a maintenance process is Carry out where the software will be update so that it adapts to eventual changes.

The vast majority of it follow this series of steps or similar variants. Now, since this is a constantly changing industry, there is a good chance that the process will never end and also, will continue to repeat itself to improve the program and add new features.

Now you know what software development is. Without a doubt, it is a topic that can become interesting for people inside and outside the world of information technology.


Software is a collection of commands that tell a computer how to work. It is indifference to hardware, from which the system is assemble and also, performs the work.