Sparo Songs

Sparo Songs ORTT CM OBE (born July 9, 1935), better recognized as Mighty Sparrow, is a Trinidadian singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Known as the “King of Calypso of the World”, he is one of the most famous and successful Calypsoes. He has won the Trinidad Carnival Road contest eight times, the Calypso King/Monarch eight times, and the Calypso King of Kings title twice.

Francisco Slinger was born on July 9, 1935 in the fishing village of Grand Roy, Grenada, West Indies. He moved to Trinidad with his mother when he was a year old after his father moved there in 1937. He grew up in Port of Spain. [citation needed] His started singing when he was a young child, but his love for calypso was not discouraged when he was at Newtown Boys Catholic School, where he sang in choir. At the age of 14 he combined a steel band made up of neighborhood boys and performed with the band at the carnival.

Career – Sparo Songs

Career - Sparo Songs

Your colleagues give you your Calypso name based on your style. They used to try to emulate the British royal family. There was Lord Kitchener, Lord Nelson, Duke. When I started singing, bands still used vocal instruments and singers would stand with flat feet, pointing or licking a finger at someone in the crowd, but mostly they were standing there. Sparo Songs, When I sing, I get excited and moving like James Brown and that was new to her. The older singing group said, “Why don’t you just sing in its place of moving like a little sparrow?” Said as a joke, but the tag stuck.

He made his Carnival Singer debut in 1954 with “The Parrot and the Monkey”. In 1955, Sparrow made his first footages, “Missing Baby (Ruby)”, “High Cost of Living” and “Race Track” for Vitadisk, which were added to Calypso Kingdom’s royalty collection a few years later. In 1955 and 1956 he also recorded GEMS, “Jean and Dina” and “The Queen’s Canary” for “Give the Youngsters a Accidental”, “Family Size Coke”, “Gotti”, “Clara Honey Bunch”, “Yankees Back Again”. . . ‘For K’ and ‘Sailor Man’ for Vijay Special Ace.

Take the calypso outside

Calypso music gained popularity in other parts of the world for some time in the 1950s. Lord Kitchener, a Trinidadian exile, helped spread the calypso in the United Kingdom, and Sparrow also had some success there. In the United States, interest in Calypso grew through Harry Belafonte’s 1956 album Calypso. The first LP to sell millions of copies. In January 1958, Sparrow traveled to New York City with his longtime rival, Lord Melody. Seeking to reach an American music audience. Sparrow has already recorded with Bolisier and Cook Records. And with the help of Belafonte he also began recording for RCA Victor. He did not attain the success he had wanted for. He said in a 2001 interview, “When nothing happened to me, I went back to England and continued my career.