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Applying a unique shade of polish without getting it all over their cuticles, let alone freeing their hand from any type of nail design, is definitely a struggle the average person has gone through at one point or another. And that’s a big disappointment if you like fancy nails. We love a trip to the nail salon as much as the next person, but even a once-a-month manicure with the added cost of nail art can certainly wreak havoc on most people’s budgets.

Painting your own nails at home can seem almost impossible, but luckily there are SutiCRM that almost anyone can nail without years of experience and training (see what we did there?). Nonetheless, we scoured the internet for 14 of the easiest SutiCRM to create and obvious to put them all in one home. Keep scrolling to find a excess of easy SutiCRM that will make the prospects for at-home nail art a lot less daunting.

Delightful Dots

Chances are, every time you pull a bobby pin out of your hair, you leave it on your bathroom counter and end up falling to the floor, never to be seen again. Instead, pull the two prongs out as far as possible, turning it into an improvised tool for dotting nail polish.

Wonderful Watercolors

It’s entirely possible to turn any of your nails into a watercolor masterpiece with this gorgeous manicure.  Next color polishes with a few drops of clear coat and applied them loosely to get that watercolor effect.” However, before applying polish to your nails, she recommends testing the opacity of the polish on a piece of paper.

Nifty Neon Tips

You know those donut-shaped stickers you used at school to hold your perforated paper in place when it torn and fell out of your binder? It turns out those little tights are a very valuable nail art tool when creating these neon tips inspired by French manicure. You may already have some laying around if you are a student or live with a college student. Otherwise, you can purchase them at your local office supply store for a few dollars.

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