productivity apps industry designed to help us work less, we’re using all kinds of apps designed to help us do more. If you live in a world of digital work, you have probably tried some productivity software. What is productivity software. Productivity tools range from simple to-do lists to productivity tracking tools that measure how much is accomplished in a given day.

When thinking about the apps that will work well for you, remember that the best organizer apps or the best reminder apps are only the “best” if they help you, in your specific case, to do the right job in a way that is always right for you.

You don’t need to worry. We are here to introduce you to the most promising and powerful productivity apps. Our guide breaks it down to the best deals currently available, based on our experience and reviews from various sources.

In short, the best productivity apps are gears that help you get things done efficiently.

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Too often we focus on productivity as a question of volume: how much am I earning and how fast. To indeed do impactful work, we have to reposition our views and thoughts about productivity: it’s really about putting your time to better use.

How do you Make Better use of your Time?

First, we have to discover the most productive ways to spend our time. Ask yourself:

  • What is the consequence of my not doing this seemingly urgent thing right now. (Because that critical thing is probably not that important!)
  • What are my highest value activities
  • What can I (and only I) do to make a real difference.

An excellent way to answer these questions remains through using a priority matrix to map tasks according to their level of urgency and importance. I like to use the matrix below, based on the Eisenhower matrix:

Explanation of the Eisenhower Matrix

A simple breakdown of this chart tells us how to approach a task:

  • Priority: It is urgent and vital. Could you do it.
  • Priority : Not urgent but still significant. Decide on any aspect that is blocking the progress of the task. Decide on the ideal time, person, and method to accomplish the task.
  • Priority : It is urgent but not critical. Delegate it to the right person so you can focus on (more) essential tasks.
  • Priority : It is not urgent, and it is not essential either. It is the fourth priority. Delete it.

At the end of each day, spend at least 10 minutes planning your day tomorrow: what will you do, decide, delegate and eliminate.

Then check out these productivity apps. I picked the ones that can help you stay efficient with your time through automation, tracking, syncing, and reminders, leaving you with more free time to get the most important work done!

Priority it is Urgent and Important. Do It.

You will need to apply the “do it right now” rule to your main tasks. In this exact order of ideas, if you see that a study will take you less than 2 minutes, do it immediately (Why? Because it will take more time to put it on your to-do list and then schedule and prioritize it).

Starting a high-priority task and sticking with it until it’s 100% complete is an actual test of character. It’s not easy, but that’s the way to be productive. It requires self-discipline, but we can make it easier with some productivity tools.

Priority Not Urgent But Still Important. Make up your Mind.

If something is necessary but not necessarily urgent, you should take a moment to decide on an appropriate plan to address it. Don’t get sidetracked: Plan to do essential tasks correctly.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed if you demand a lot from us; It can feel like we have too much going on, and there’s no way to keep everyone happy. To make decisions that make the most sense for ourselves, our team, and our projects, we need to view all our tasks, priorities, and progress.

The following productivity apps mainly help prioritize tasks: checking what’s in progress, tracking progress, and providing all the information to make good decisions as we manage our work.

Priority it’s Urgent but not Important. Delegate It.

Some people find it easy to delegate tasks, while others feel a powerful urge to do it themselves. As tricky as delegating tasks to other people, transferring duties to a machine is pretty simple. There are tons of productivity apps that we can use to get more done in less time by adding more automation to our workflows, letting an algorithm handle the cumbersome parts.

Priority not Urgent and not Important. Delete It!

Finally, sometimes we can be more effective by doing less. There are endless opportunities (and plenty of productivity apps to help you) to say “yes” to great ideas. At the same time, to carry them out, you must say “no” to the right things. Learn to set limits and say no.

It’s great to be kind and help people. The problem is that we don’t always have the time. That can open the way for us to deliver little or nothing. You’re not doing anyone a favour if you commit to something you can’t give your best effort at.