In today’s reality, digital services have become increasingly relevant, and consequently more complex and personalized. Service providers have begun to experience a number of difficulties in managing a vast range of products and pricing. It is difficult to market a product if the price is directly dependent on rapidly changing parameters that are fixed at the time of order placement. Inaccurately stated numbers on an order often result in lost deals and customers.

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. It is a business application that is specifically designed for sales teams to help accurately represent product options and their pricing. This software process is based on a predetermined specification for configurations, settings, specialties, and discounts, which greatly simplifies the entire sales cycle.

The Concept of CPQ

The CPQ software suite is capable of real-time analysis using an innovative, flexible, collaborative, and modular approach. It is a process that helps vendors in online product setup determine product pricing, compose proposals, and simplify the pricing process. This makes it an integral part of the pre-payment pricing process and enables service providers to offer verified quotes.

Such software is considered to be a convenient, faster, and more controlled way to provide prices to potential customers with maximum accuracy and fewer errors in the business world. This results in more transactions and stronger customer relationships.

Basic Components of CPQ

CPQ software helps automate the pricing process with the possibility of configuring products, searching for prices, and generating commercial offers. In some versions, there is a possibility to send a document by e-mail.  The main functional components of the complex include:

  • This function enables you to easily select products and services according to the needs of your customers and accurately define the functions or components that your customer needs. It helps you to specify the desired settings for each component, as well as the function that combines multiple elements. There is information about the parameters that have additional elements, the accessories that come with the specific components, and the parameters that require customization. So customers can get exactly what they need without having to manually enter specifications and configuration information on the proposal form or CRM system. CPQ integrates with other existing software such as ERP, CRM, Pandadoc, accounting systems, or e-commerce platforms to ensure accurate product data at the time of pricing.
  • CPQ capabilities enable you to calculate prices in real-time based on basic product feature settings. The pricing component involves setting base prices for certain product components or features. These can be discounts to wholesale customers, and surcharges for certain features that customers prefer over other options, as well as many different factors that can influence the price, such as shipping costs, taxes, discounts from suppliers, or special promotions such as “buy one – get one free”. The main advantage of the suite is the possibility to set pricing rules based on the business model chosen by the enterprise. The software automates the definition of prices for comprehensive models such as multi-level pricing, subscription pricing, wholesale pricing, and complex pricing. It also allows you to quickly update the pricing model, change basic parameters such as the amount of the discount or apply new types of premiums. Thus, you can react quickly to changes in the market by adjusting your prices without having to manually enter the prices for each product.
  • This is the document that describes the products and services included in the sale, their prices, and any possible discounts or special offers. It takes into account all terms of sale and supported methods of payment. This is important because it provides an accurate record of what the parties agreed to at the time of the deal so that there will be no misunderstandings in the future. The software greatly simplifies the generation of a commercial offer helping sales representatives of the company to quickly set up products, automatically apply discounts and special offers as needed, include all the terms and conditions, and form a single document. This eliminates manual input during the generation process and ensures accuracy. Pricing created with CPQ plays an important role in speeding up negotiations and closing deals faster.

CPQ Solution helps businesses manage the complex pricing of their products and services, customize product offerings, set pricing rules and discounts, and generate accurate prices and professional offers tailored to customers’ needs.

This type of software is an excellent CPQ tool. It is often used by companies that sell custom products because it can help simplify the pricing process. It can easily be used to streamline order management and ensure pricing accuracy and compliance. When setting up products and services, CPQ software provides users with a graphical interface that enables them to easily select the parameters and options they need. It then helps to calculate the appropriate price based on the options selected, which saves a great deal of time and reduces errors in generating proposals and orders, which has a corresponding impact on the company’s image.