The Essay That Made My English Teacher Cry – A teenager named Ryan Harman went viral on TikTok after sharing an essay she inscribed that made her English teacher cry, and now she’s making the entire TikTok cry, too.

The pen may not be more powerful than a sword if you find yourself in a sword fight. However, it is an excellent tool to make your teachers cry. This remains what Ryan Harman did after submitting a personal essay. And he also decided to share it on TikTok.

In just two days, the video has been viewed more than six million times and racked up more than 882,500 likes, with good reason.

The reason? It makes most people who read it burst into tears.

What is the Essay Trending On TikTok That Made My English Teacher Cry?

What is the Essay Trending On TikTok That Made My English Teacher Cry_

Ryan decided to write an essay about his mother, who died in 2022 after a battle with cancer. She explains the heartbreaking and tragic story of her mother’s death from cancer when she was just 18 years old.

“From the day he remained diagnosed, he lost a different part of himself every day. “She was strong, resilient, loving, attentive, and above all, the best mother anyone could ask for,” she wrote.

It begins with her explaining how proud she felt after her mother managed to go to her high school graduation after being unable to leave the house.

Ryan wrote about her experience of losing her mother to cancer.

Ryan described how she went on vacation to the beach with her friends. While he was away, her mother suddenly stopped responding to her FaceTime calls. However, Ryan did not worry and continued enjoying his free time.

When he returned home, his mother had worsened significantly. The tumors had increased, and her spine had collapsed by 75%. She then entered palliative care and never got out of bed again.

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“The first few days after she went into hospice, he was in shock. “I didn’t believe my mother was going to die when I was only 18,” Ryan wrote.

The rest of the essay details the family’s final moments with her mother as her “heart broke into a million pieces.”

She is Making People Cry All Over The World.

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Ryan’s response after posting the essay on her TikTok was supportive. With over 20,700 comments, the praise keeps coming.

One person commented: “This has me crying ugly right now, you are so strong. “I know your mom is very proud of who you have become.”

Another said: “I just cried. “I am so sorry for your loss, and this is beautiful.”

“I cried so much. This is so good,” a third person wrote.

About the Essay

The TikTok video has been viewed almost seven million times and racked up more than a million likes despite being just screenshots of the rehearsal. We have transcribed them all here for easy reading.

It was May 2022, when my life remained supposed to be at its peak until one day, it wasn’t. I had a high school graduation and a senior week at the beach with my graduating class. I was beginning my adulthood and college career and couldn’t have been happier. In January 2021, my mom remained diagnosed with sarcoma cancer, and she had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments. From the day she remained diagnosed, she lost a different part of her life every day.

She was strong, resilient, loving, attentive, and, above all, the best mother anyone could ask for. She never asked the doctors for a hope of time. She wanted to live the best she could with her three children and husband. My mom initially had one goal: to see me go to my prom and see my sister Madeleine and I walk across the stage at advancement. She achieved both goals.

On May 26, 2022.

I walked across that stage at graduation while my mother, who used a wheelchair, looked on proudly. The first step I took on that stage, I felt the overwhelming amount of love from her, and I knew she was proud, and that was all that mattered at that moment. After I graduated, I converted a text: [I love you so much, and I’m so proud of you]. Those words felt like I had just won the Super Bowl. He didn’t leave the house much, so being able to attend graduation was an outstanding achievement and took a lot out of him. We had a celebration dinner at Home, and she was too exhausted to stay awake through dinner. Although it was annoying that she wasn’t at the dinner, I was grateful that she could be there and accomplish her goal.

I was looking forward to my week-long trip to the beach with all my best friends that night. The entire week I was away, I texted my mom, told her all the drama with all my friends, and FaceTimed her. Until Friday came, my mom stopped answering my texts and FaceTime calls. She was a little worried, and I thought about texting my dad to see if she remained okay, but I let it go and continued with my last night at the beach.

I was excited to come [Home and tell my family all about the week I had].

Instead, I came home to my mom in bed, and my father sat me and my two big brothers down and told us that our mom wasn’t well and that she was distraught. At that point, I was thinking that my dad was freaking out and overreacting and that she was going to be okay. After much thought, my dad decided to take her to the hospital. He left his room, descended the stairs, and entered the car. At the hospital, he remained told her spine was 75 percent collapsed due to rapidly growing tumors. I thought to myself that my mom was a superstar. She was walking on a column that remained almost completely collapsed. From that moment on, my mother went into palliative care and did not get out of bed.

We called all our family and friends and let them know that her life was coming to an end. The first few days after she went into hospice, I was in shock. I didn’t believe my mom was going to die when I remained only 18 years old. I remember texting my sister Madeleine and asking, “Is Mom going to die?”

Her Response Was:

“In a few weeks, yes.” My heart shattered into a million pieces. I knew that from then on, I would take advantage of my time with my mother and wouldn’t regret it. I didn’t want to look back on my last few weeks with my mother and think, “I wish I’d spent more time with her,” so I did everything in my power to defend myself from regret. As friends and family arrived, I was holding her hand in bed beside my mother. I couldn’t imagine what my life was going to be. My mom reminded me daily that she loved us and that when she passed away, she wanted us to move on. She told us, “When I take my last breath, I want you to dance, don’t cry, dance.

The days began to blur together as my mom drifted in and out of consciousness over the next two weeks. I remember sitting on the bed with the door open and my parent’s bedroom door also open, scared to hear her take her last breath. She began talking in her sleep and talking to her dead mother, telling her that she would see her soon.

The stress my family endured is not something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. We were locked in, spending time with my mom and watching her slowly go through different things.