What is User Experience?

The user experience or UX ( User Experience ) remains a term used in Digital Marketing to refer to the set of interactions with a brand. website or App in terms of how pleasant, intuitive and straightforward they are.

A good user experience aligns the why, what, and how of the product with the practical and emotional needs of the potential customer in each of the purchase stages.

For example, Apple’s user experience is widely recognize as one of the brand’s main value propositions. These are high-quality products (what) that solve specific problems (what for) and are surprisingly simple to use (how).

What is a Good User Experience For?

Optimizing the UX is a way to increase the general satisfaction with a product or service. It makes them more likely to make the purchase and integrate it as part of their lifestyle and become positive and permanent spokesperson for our brand.

In short: A good it helps companies increase their sales and build customer loyalty by encouraging person-to-person recommendations.

What is User Experience Design?

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UX design remains the process of creating products, web pages and applications that offer personalized and relevant experiences to users to eliminate as much as possible all barriers or points of friction that hinder conversion.

User experience permeates all the stages in which a prospect comes into contact with a brand or product -from searching for information to post-purchase loyalty. And that involves branding, web design, and site usability and functionalities.

What remains the difference between user experience and also, user interface? Although both concepts are very often confused, the user interface (UI) is one of the elements of the UX. The mission of user interface design is to land in terms of design. graphics and content on a website the requirements for an optimal user experience.

What Elements Make Up the User Experience?

Since the UX is always defined by the context, content, and users, its methodologies are not rigid but rather adapt to the brand’s objectives. However, four elements that are always present are:

Buyer persona: UX is a user-center process, so, logically, the first requirement to optimize it is to fully understand the features, needs and representative tasks to the product of our Buyer persona.

The utility is the attribute that measures whether the tool is doing what the user needs or expects from it.

Usability: Mentions how easy it is to use an interface or product, from the learning process to the level of satisfaction that the design provokes. Usability is critical because people leave when a website or App is difficult to use or understand.

Desirability: Involves all image, design and identity elements that provoke strong emotions of appreciation and attraction in the user.

What is it and How to Find a UX Designer?

Senator Ux

User experience designers are professionals capable of turning the interaction with a product into something helpful and pleasant, enriching, satisfying, and even fun.

You can connect with numerous independent professionals on our freelance platform. With extensive experience in web design and interface design for small jobs and large projects.

Do you need a UX designer? You can find a  freelance UX designer to hire online and also. Other profiles like freelance UI designer and also, freelance web designer.

Continue Learning

User experience is one of the most complex concepts in digital marketing because it involves areas as diverse as information architecture, psychology, web design, programming, commercial research, accessibility, content strategy and analytics, Of Big Data, among others.

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The first requirement for a good  experience is to meet the customer’s exact needs without fuss or bother. Next comes simplicity and also, elegance, which produce products that are a joy to own and use. The actual user experience goes far beyond giving customers what they say they want or providing checklist features. To achieve a high-quality user  in a company’s offerings, there must be a seamless merging of the services of multiple disciplines, including engineering, marketing, graphical and industrial design, and interface design.