If you are a fan of slots and love the game, then at some point you might have seen RTP being called out. Yet, you might not know what it stands for. RTP is an abbreviation of Return To Player. This can have a big impact on your game.

You must know what RTP means when it comes to playing slots. As it will allow you to make much more informed decisions during the game. This in turn will also help when it comes to your RTP percentage as well.

In this article, we will help you to understand what RTP means in slots to help improve your game.

What Is RTP?

When you play in an online casino, you will come across the term RTP. As mentioned above, RTP is shortened from Return To Player. This is often seen to the player as a percentage.

Simply put, this sum highlights how much money a player could anticipate to collect from their bets on casino slots and other games. For example, if your game has a 95% RTP, you can anticipate collecting $0.95 back for each $1 you bet.

How Does RTP For Slots Work?

RTP operates similarly to how House Edge operates in casino games when it comes to slots. The overall percentage of your bet will be 100%, while the RTP percentage is created from calculations by using the amount of your initial wager that is eventually given back to the player. The slots’ operator keeps the remaining balance of the percentage.

A house edge will always be 5%, since a higher RTP could cause the casino to start losing money for that game. Also, RTP will never be 100%, they are always less.

Check The RTP Before Playing

On the rules page of the majority of online casinos, you may check the RTP percentage prior to playing a new game. For the majority of online slots, they will usually have an RTP between 92 to 97% to give a big payout and boost your chances of winning. As a beginner, you should pick an option with a high probability before taking more risks.

There are several fun online casinos which have high RTPs and give players a great experience and chance to win. If seasoned gamblers have been playing without taking the RTP into account, they can also benefit from this feature.

How Do You Calculate Your RTP In Slots?

If you are the type of gamer who likes to control situations, you might think about creating your own estimates. RTP takes into account a number of variables, such as average bets, average wins, and average payouts in a certain game.

By taking a look at the calculations, you may get a broad notion of the wins from the games that site visitors have played. Also, you can estimate an RTP based on your winnings. For instance, if you bet $10 and won $500 then your RTP would be 5000%.

Understanding how to estimate RTP will help you make more informed game selections and increase your odds of winning. Online casinos with a higher chance of winning frequently have a minimum score of 94%. Yet, as you play more, your chances of winning rise.

This is not to say that players should never play low RTP online slots. However, new players ought to select games with high payout rates. The volatility of online slots is high, but less volatile slots provide players greater chances to win.

As you develop experience playing online slots, you’ll develop a straightforward approach to understanding slot variability and how it affects your games.

Is RTP The Same As Volatility?

RTP and volatility are not the same, but their concepts are quite similar.

The distribution of the RTP is referred to as the slot machine’s volatility. This is why there’s no assurance that, over a small sample, you’ll win more from a 98% RTP slot compared to a 90% RTP play.

As a result, a slot which has a high volatility won’t pay out that often. Yet when it does eventually pay out, it pays out huge. In comparison to a slot game, that has quite a low volatility, which doesn’t often pay out big. Instead, it will give you smaller and more frequent wins instead.


Everyone wants to win when they are playing any game, including slots, as that is what makes the game more enjoyable. As a result, many players will go searching for slots and other games that they believe will offer them a good return for their money.

RTP is important when it comes to slots, as it highlights the possible return a player can make. A player can anticipate to win back the total percentage, except for the percentage that the casino collects to make the game viable.

We hope this article has helped give you a better understanding on what RTP means in timers of slots.