If you work in payroll, you may have heard of the website but may be unsure of what the website has to offer and how you can benefit from using the site. If you have yet to hear of the company, we are able to give you an insight into what the company does and how to make the most of the services available.

When starting a new business, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the number of linked businesses you discover or the number of companies that are recommended. When things settle with your business, it is then time to wade through the companies you have made a note of to choose which companies you want to use.

We will give you a brief overview of as a business to enable you to quickly make a decision without spending additional time completing research for yourself.

An Introduction to the Company

At its very basic level, is a pay stub creator, a company that allows you to input information into its system to generate, save, and print pay stubs for your employees. You will pay a fee to use the services available. However, this will be less than paying for payroll software to create pay stubs.

With over 1 million customers assisted to create pay stubs, you can be sure that the end product you receive is of high quality.’s system is very easy to use, and the available services can be used by someone with little to no prior experience in creating pay stubs.

The use of this system is an asset to a new business that may not have the necessary capital to hire a payroll expert or pay for an expensive payroll software system. When looking at the site, we found that the end pay stub created looked just as professional as those made by an expensive software system.

Your employees will not know the difference between this website and a payroll system. Everything that needs to be included to comply with state and federal law will show on the paystub, so take care as you enter the data and save money by using this site.

What Do Customers Say? has an extremely high customer service score with over 1500 5-star reviews on its website. Multiple customers state how easy the service is to use, that the product is brilliant, and go on to say how excellent the customer service is when contacting the company.

When reading reviews, we were impressed to see that the company has a customer services department that is available when needed. Many online companies have chatbots that they push customers toward to solve any problems. And while there is a chat facility available on the website, you will be connected to the customer services team should you need them.

Customer reviews are always the best indicator of what a company is truly like. From everything we have seen, this company deserves the high customer rating it has.