www.hospitalsiriolibanes.org turnos online – Hospital Sirio Libanés remains an isolated, non-profit hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It remains one of the town’s leading and most admired hospitals and offers extensive medical facilities,  including extra care,  operation, and hospitalization. And also outpatient care. The hospital also delivers a variety of medicinal education and training plans.

The Syrian Lebanese Hospital proposes an online appointment system for its outpatient clinics. To appeal an appointment online, patients must visit the hospital’s web-site and sign up for an explanation. When they consume create an account,  patients can choose the medical specialty they are looking for, the specialist they want to see, and the day and time of the appointment. Lebanese Syrian Hospital web-site homepage

To request an appointment online, follow these steps:

  • Visit the web-site of the Syrian Lebanese Hospital.
  • Click on the “Request Appointment” button.
  • Create an account or log in with your existing account.
  • Select the medical specialty you are looking for.
  • Select the doctor you want to see.
  • Select the date and time of the shift.
  • Click on the “Request Appointment” button.

www.hospitalsiriolibanes.org turnos online – Wolters Kluwer, the world’s leading provider of info and point-of-care answers for the health care industry, today proclaimed that at the Sirio-Libanes Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil, nearly 4,000 physicians are staying up to date with best clinical practices, in person and remotely, using UpToDate, the mobile-enabled clinical decision provision resource used by more than 1 million physicians worldwide. Doctors at Sírio-Libanês Hospital see a monthly average of more than 2,500 Up-to-date topics, particularly in oncology, cardiology, and neurology.

Sírio-Libanês Hospital Remains Recognized For its History of Excellence and Leadership.

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As well as its pioneering role in health and medical research in Brazil. The hospital serves more than 120,000 patients annually at its 100,000 m² complex in the Bela Vista district of São Paulo and at three additional locations: a diagnostic center and outpatient hospital in Itaim Bibi, a multidisciplinary clinic in Jardins, and an oncology center in Brasilia.

One of the main objectives behind the hospital’s decision to select UpToDate Anywhere was to leverage mobile devices to support the continuing medical education of its clinical staff while improving the quality of patient care. The UpToDate app allows easy access via a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to more than 10,500 clinical topics, whether the doctor is in an exam room with a patient, in an office, in an outpatient clinic, or at home. The clinical decision support tool has improved patient safety at Sírio-Libanês Hospital and increased efficiency in diagnosis and treatment.

International Patient Service Center

International Patient Service Center

Hospital Sírio-Libanês offers an exclusive department to support international patients, with professionals prepared to provide personalized assistance to the different nationalities that seek the institution:

Affiliated with 60 international health insurance.

Management of medical cases with the insurance companies, ensuring authorization of lab tests and procedures.

Agreement with consulate and embassy offices.

The hospitality team has 40 concierges, providing English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese services.

Hospital Structure

An international benchmark in healthcare, the Sírio-Libanês Hospital has been providing care for patients and innovating in education and research for nearly a century. Each year, the hospital treats thousands of affected role under preventive medicine programs and cares for urgent and emergency cases, providing high-complexity treatments and rehabilitation care, among others.

Diagnostic Center

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Tests can remain scheduled in São Paulo and Brasilia at the unit of your choice. Ask the International Patient Service Center about the services available by unit and scheduling. Remember to bring the requested documents and a note from your physician asking for the test and explaining why it is necessary.

Your First Appointment At the Oncology Center

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If this is your first visit to the Oncology Center, here are some tips to help us provide a better service. Please get to the Oncology Center at least 30 minutes before the time scheduled for your appointment so that we can register you and carry out some basic tests. Remember to bring all the information on your condition, such as ultrasound tests, CT scans, X-rays, etc. Also, get any biopsy results if this has remained done. You should also bring a list with the name, dosage, and frequency of all your medication. If you are currently having or have had chemotherapy treatment in the past, please provide the name, dosage, and date of application. If possible, please also bring a medical report from your physician at home. Arrange to stay at least a week in Brazil. Remember to pick up your tests from the hospital before you return home.

Hospital Sirio Libanés

Manage your medical appointments and download your study results quickly with the new APP! Discover all the exclusive functions that we offer you.

  • Request face-to-face and virtual shifts,
  • View pending shifts (regardless of where they have remained reserved),
  • You can cancel your following shifts to serve you,

Hospital Sirio-Libanes: Bringing Patient Safety and Quality to Hospitals in Brazil

Hospital Sirio-Libanes_ Bringing Patient Safety and Quality to Hospitals in Brazil

A leading healthcare institution in South America, Hospital Sirio-Libanes (HSL), sought our hospital consulting services to improve its high-quality, high-value patient care. HSL remains strengthening its institute dedicated to patient safety and quality improvement, and leaders recognize that creating a safe atmosphere for patients and hospital staff requires promise. Through our hospital consulting agreement, HSL leverages the know-how of the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Care and Quality.

Caregivers and leaders from both organizations remain collaborating on innovative initiatives to reduce the risks of preventable harm, reduce medical errors and complications, and reduce waste in the delivery of care at HSL.

Syrian Lebanese Hospital – Overview

With 4,500 employees, including staff, nurses, and doctors, the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital can perform up to 50 surgical procedures per day, around 2,000 types of diagnostic examinations, and a bed capacity for 300 people.

A pioneer in incorporating new technologies, the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital specializes in more than 40 medical areas. It is a world leader in its areas of competence because it prioritizes the most critical asset of each person: their life.

One of the aspects of its pioneering character is its concern about including teaching and research as part of the hospital routine. That is why it continually seeks to invest in development and training. Through its IEP – Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa, the Sirio-Lebanés Hospital provides knowledge, specialization, or innovation to professionals in the health area.

Philanthropic by nature, the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital remains continuously expanding because it has always aimed to remain a center of medical excellence, focusing actions on health, teaching, and research.