Want to keep your Yorkie Teddy Bear Haircut looking chic with a fresh new haircut? Here are some ways to keep them looking up to snuff, no matter how long, flowing, or neatly trimmed their fur is.

Yorks have distinctive hair that is somewhat similar to human hair, growing long and neat in a single coat. This means they are almost never discarded like other species, but they should go to Groomer for regular trimming.

Although the maintenance of these dog coats takes a whole lot of time, it also gives you the opportunity to explore different hairstyle options and try to decorate your dog at home if you feel adventurous.

To help you we have collected the adorable dressing ideas for you — choose what you think best suits your unique, wonderful dog and you both will be delighted..

Top Yorkie Hairstyles

  1. Schnauzer Trim
  2. Teddy Bear Cut
  3. Puppy Cut
  4. Show Cut
  5. Kennel Cut

Schnauzer Trim

Schnauzer Trim

To get this look, trim your pup’s mustache and ears a little longer, leaving a small skirt of hair on the bottom third of the body and legs. Then you’ll want to clip the upper part of the body to a half inch with a little “bib” left on their chest.

Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear Cut

This cut is perfect for Yorkies, considering they’re such cuddly and affectionate dogs. And just like with your favorite stuffed animal, you won’t be able to resist giving your dog a squeeze when they’re rockin’ this style.

For this look, fur is essentially trimmed to the same length all over the body, except on the face where the hairs are cut in a circular fashion that gives the impression of a sweet teddy bear. Time to cuddle!

Puppy Cut

Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is famous for this breed, which may have adopted the sweet and playful spirit that most yorkies have.

For this cut keep the hair one or two inches away from the whole body including the head, ears and legs. Easy to maintain (and basically without the hassle!), This style is very popular because it gives angelic and charming look without much maintenance.

Of course, you will need to be on top of the trim, but it is very easy to master your own as long as you invest in a quality pair of clippers and shears.

Show Cut

Show Cut

Feeling fancy? Do you have too much extra time on your hands for dressing up? It could be style for you!

The Yorkie show cut is elegant with long, luxurious locks and top knot. This breed is commonly played at dog shows sponsored by the American Kennel Club, hence the name Yorky Cut.

Although this is not very common except in show dogs, it takes a lot of effort to maintain. Know that you are going to spend a lot of time brushing, washing their coats and getting those tangles out.

Kennel Cut

Kennel Cut

This cut is another popular option, especially during the summer months. This haircut has very short hair on the body, and the hair on the legs, tail and head is slightly longer.

The moustache and ears are trimmed to about a half inch and the feet are trimmed to look straight and tidy (and ready to run in the sun!).

Regardless of the cut you choose for your Yorkie, we know that his amazing coif is part of what types this breed so much fun. It’s up to you to choose which bravura best suits your personality and what best suits your lifestyle, family, and wallet.

Does your dog like to brush?

Most dogs like to brush, but not all. And if they do not get used to it as a puppy, they may be suspicious when you first introduce them to the brush. Reaching for brushing slowly with positive, non-threatening interactions can lead to a delicate dressing routine. How to Accept Your Dog and Enjoy Brushing:

  1. Before putting the brush in the fur, let your puppy make friends with that tool. Start by placing the brush on the floor and throwing high-value treats around and above it, encouraging your dog to explore the fun new object at your own pace.
  2. Reaching your dog with a brush can scare some dogs. Next, extend the brush so that it touches the edge of the thorn very easily to your dog’s body. Each time you join the brush, immediately follow it with a high-value treatment. Be sure to take extra care (and if necessary, time) when brushing your ears, legs and genitals.
  3. When your dog is comfortable with step 2, continue brushing the coat. Start slowly, and replace each hit with a treat. Over time, work your way up to pressing harder and brushing several strokes in a row.

Yorkie Teddy Bear Haircut FAQ

Which is the most popular haircut for Yorkie?

The short puppy cut is the haircut of choice for this breed. In our comprehensive employer survey (complete results are in the Y.I.C.’s GIANT Book of Yorkshire Terrier Care), 2,146 employers asked ‘How do you keep your Yorkie coat?’ When asked, the answers are as follows:

Small 52%

Medium 35%

Long 11%

Shave 2%

The main reason for choosing a short haircut is that it makes dressing easier; The hair should not be tangled, the coat should be brushed 2 to 3 times a week with a long coat almost every day, the dog will be clean and even if the Yorkie is spinning around, they will look neat and tidy.

The downside of a short hairstyle is that it needs to be refreshed regularly to maintain it (see next).

How Often Does a Yorkshire Terrier Need a Haircut?

To maintain the selected length, the coat should be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. Nothing bad will happen if the trim skip; The coat is longer and requires more attention to brushing and possible tangles.

What age should a Yorkie be for their first haircut?

You want to keep your Yorkshire Terrier with a short ‘puppy cut’, the time for the first trim is between 9 and 12 months, which means the hair may grow longer, requiring a cut to keep them short. . If your yorky hair is not long at that age, do not worry, in some cases, it may take a few more months up to the 18-month mark.

If you want to retain the hair on the head in shape or shave close to the coat, this can do in advance starting at about the 4-month mark. You are bringing your Yorkie to Groomer, you should make sure that your puppy has all of its puppy shots earlier going to any public place.

How long does it take for a Yorkshire Terrier to grow a floor-length coat?

Each dog is unique in how fast the hair grows and its ability to reach floor length. In some cases, the Yorkie coat may not grow as long; It may hang a few inches from the ground. But, for those who can really do it, it can take 1.5 to 2 years if it not completely trim (a little trimming can do to keep the ends healthy). So, patience requires.

Yorkie Teddy Bear Haircut Helpful tips

1) If you are thinking about cutting your Yorkie hair, a professional dog groomer recommend doing it unless you have a lot of experience in cutting dog hair and feel comfortable doing so. Ask your friends, family, coworkers and neighbours for recommendations. It also recommends checking the reviews.

However, there may be some hiccups.

One of the most common problems is when a groomer goes away and shaves. The coat much shorter than the owners want. So, if you are delivering your Yorkie to a specific groomer for the first time. Always take photos to show exactly what length and shape you want to do.

Additionally, leaving the dog for an appointment with one Groomer is not hear. But the person running behind or has to leave early and another Groomer assumes responsibility. Yorkie may have trouble sedentary still for. A stranger may not trim it as expected by those unfamiliar with the preferred style. For this reason, it is optional that you talk to your regular groomer and let. They know that if for some reason he/she does not fit your Yorkie. You may want to call to pick up your dog rather than let someone else take over your dog. .

2) When you choose a hairstyle for your Yorkie, do it not only based on what looks beautiful. But also on what you can handle and how much time you have for dressing and grooming.


So now you know What is the Best Haircut for a Yorkie Teddy Bear Haircut. Always remember to choose the one that would look best on your Yorkie and it should be. One that you can afford to groom and maintain.

Be extra careful while you give your Yorkie a haircut and first make him comfortable with all the tools. Give him treats after the haircut for staying calm throughout.