What is Digital Advertising?

Every advertisement you see on the Internet is classified as digital advertising. Advertising is a communication tool to publicize a product or service to influence the consumer and increase the probability of sale. So when we talk about digital advertising, we focus on the Internet as an advertising medium.

At Miss Digital, we know that the Internet is the primary means to reach the 21st-century consumer. And we are 100% convinced that this channel must be integrated into the communication strategy.

The most important thing remains to understand the business objectives, how the target audience behaves, the appropriate message and response to the budget, and select the best combination of media, channels, and advertising formats.

What is Digital Advertising For?

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising should make itself known, persuade the target audience, work on sensations and perceptions, arouse curiosity, arouse interest and increase the probability of sale.

However, advertising by itself is not practical. A good advertising campaign will be effective as long as.

  • Be well targeted to impact the right person.
  • Contains the right message, we have understood the target audience’s needs, and we offer a solution.
  • Creativity arouses interest. A good ad draws attention, is believable, has a compelling call to action.
  • The campaign is “placed” in the suitable medium where our target is.
  • We have labels that allow us to measure the results and correct them practically in real-time.

How to Integrate Digital Advertising into Your Media Plan?

When preparing an advertising campaign in the digital environment, it must be consider that it must be aligned with the business objectives. You have to convey the correct message with a good CTA, continuously determining the most appropriate medium to “place” our ad.

These Means Must Always Be Integrate In The Following Way

  • own media.
  • Paid media.
  • He earned media.

How to Buy Spaces to Do Digital Advertising?

Purchase Of Spaces Directly From The Media

It consists of placing a banner in a specific medium. The medium determines the format and placement of the flag within your site. We will facilitate creativity based on the technical indications they indicate to us.

This type of advertising is usually common for large brands in which they develop Branding campaigns for a particular time.

This type of advertising is similar to buying space in offline newspapers and also, magazines. Smaller companies can reach agreements of this type with blogs related to their brand or activity.

Programmatic Advertising (Real-Time Bidding)

The advertiser buy backlinks or the ad slots or impressions through real-time auctions (RTB) in which agents and platforms participate.

These advertisers decide the bid price for a specific user profile or audience, so it is essential to have done a previous study to establish these profiles.

What stands out in this type of advertising is its power of segmentation since different audiences can be create based on the user’s behavior and interests.

Thanks to the technology used, it remains possible to know the users’ response, measure their impact in real-time and modify the campaign when necessary,  optimizing the results.

Google AdWords

The Google universe is infinite, as are its possibilities. Thanks to the Google tool, we can determine the amount we are willing to pay, and by entering an auction system, the winner will be shown where, when, and the type of client they want.

The platform is very interactive and always encourages DIY, but that “easy” way can cost you more money and time in the long run. Therefore, we recommend hiring a specialist who knows how to use the tool and perfectly integrates the business strategy with these advertising actions.

Advertising On Social Networks

Social networks have tools to create advertising campaigns within their platforms. The segmentation and learning capacity of these networks has been evolving rapidly, trying to make the steps for advertising management as easy as possible.

Before generating a campaign, we must be clear about our target audience and whether or not they are a user of that selected platform. It is energetic to choose a professional who can understand our needs and manage our campaigns properly.

If the public and also, the network fit together and if we listen actively, we will be able to take advantage of all the network’s data about the target, optimizing all the investment.

Native Advertising

If you want your Marketing Plan to be effective, Native Advertising is essential that you have to work on. It is a form of advertising in paid media that adapts so much that, in a non-intrusive way for the user, we can impact it.

Therefore, we can say that it is not perceive as advertising due to its integration into the medium. Thus, the content must be high quality and offer value to the user.

Thanks to this type of advertising, we can generate more new traffic, visibility, a good user experience and learn about the interests of the target.

How to Choose a Good Professional Who Does Digital Advertising?

A good professional has to be up to date with what is happening in this ever-changing sector. Here are some points to help you select a good professional:

  • We can go to networking.
  • Take some training that enables us to know what we need.
  • Read specialized books on advertising and marketing.
  • Subscribe to a technical blog on the subject.
  • Participate in forums and groups.
  • Follow professional accounts on social networks.


Digital advertising is all the ways to promote a brand and also, its products or services through digital devices or channels. In addition, beyond promoting, it allows you to connect with the target audience and create a relationship with consumers.