The Dubai population is 2 million, with an additional 1 million international residents and tourists. Dubai is known for its advanced development, infrastructure, and shopping hub in the UAE, with 93% of the population having internet access. According to Statista, 30% of internet users in the UAE engage with social media at least once per day – this accounts for around 535k users on social media alone (not counting popular messaging apps). That makes it easy to see why businesses should consider investing their time and money into a PPC Advertising agency Dubai. There are a lot of potential customers out there.

You must know what you want to achieve online, but remember that the PPC advertising industry constantly changes. To be sure that your money is being well spent on PPC advertising in Dubai, there are a few factors you should consider before hiring an agency to work on your behalf.

Industry experience

An important consideration is the level of experience of the agency. How long have they been in business? Have they been providing PPC marketing services to local companies for a while and won over many clients, or are they just getting started? An excellent way to find out about this is by checking out their website, where you can usually see how many years an agency has existed and how big their team is. The number of clients an agency has worked with can also indicate their experience level because it shows that they have completed projects before, which is a plus!


As you begin researching a potential PPC Advertising agency in Dubai, look at its reputation in the industry. If an agency is new to the market and has never been involved in PPC, it’s best to steer clear of them. You must find an agency with knowledge, experience, and success in online marketing campaigns.

Another thing to consider is how well-known and established your agency of choice is in Dubai. You’ll want to work with an agency with a solid reputation for delivering results on time, on budget, and within your budget constraints.

Past clients

The past clients of the ad agency should be impressive. The client list should have a good mix of large and small clients if it’s a local agency. If you’re looking to hire an agency in Dubai, they should be able to show you a good sample of their work with images or case studies- or both!

The client list should also give you insights into what kind of projects they can handle best: is their portfolio mostly digital marketing, or do they do print campaigns? Are the companies they work with most based in Dubai, or are there international clients as well? In addition to providing examples of their skillset, this will help you get an idea about whether or not your business goals align well with theirs.

The kind of services you require

You should be clear about the services you require from your digital marketing agency. There are various types of advertising platforms available in the market. These include popular search engines and social media Ads such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and LinkedIn ads. You should decide which platform to use based on your business needs and requirements. For example: If you are looking for more coverage at a lower cost per click (CPC), then search engine Ads would be the best option for your business because it allows companies to bid for their preferred keyword to appear at the top of search results.


In conclusion, consider hiring the best PPC agency in Dubai with experience and a solid reputation within the industry. It should also have experience working with clients like yours so that they know what they need to do to get results. It will save you money on trial-and-error attempts that might fail to work well for your business.