Sustainable Company Industries

Sustainability jobs have been around for quite a long time. In 1948 The Federal Water Pollution Act was the first major US law concerning the quality of our water and the growing problems with water pollution. Years later in 1972 the act was restructured to reflect current issues and became the Clean Water Act. That same decade in 1970 congress created the first draft of the Clean Air Act which was then revised and updated in 1977, and again in 1990.

It had become apparent to not only the government bodies, but the general public that controlling pollution was going to be necessary to the survival of our planet and its people. Jobs in sustainable industries were created in the interest of maintaining our natural resources for the best outcome of the planet and society. If you have been considering a job in sustainable industries, take a look at the top 5 in the field to see what they entail.


Ecologists consider all sides of biodiversity in our planet from single organisms to entire ecosystems. An ecologist deals with many overlapping fields including wetland management, resource management, urban ecology, community health, and many more areas of practical management in jobs in sustainable industries.

Urban Planning

Urban planners use census data along with market research and environmental studies to plan both our cities and common areas such as parks. By creating an infrastructure that encourages development they deal with the regulation of land use according to code and regulations on zoning and infrastructure. Planning for the expansion of an area along with fighting urban decline are important parts of keeping our cities healthy.

Environmental Health

Environmental health officers are responsible for keeping the public safe. By enforcing the measures to keep our food supplies free of contaminants along with pest control they are able to stay on top of disease prevention providing a level of safety to the public. They are also responsible for keeping our workplaces safe by enforcing policy in the form of occupational health and safety specialists.

Air Quality Engineering

Air quality engineers are literally responsible for the very air we breathe by designing equipment for pollution control both indoors and outdoors. Emission control from automobiles is a major area concern for air quality engineers as they are a significant source of pollution contributing to health concerns such as asthma and other respiratory tract infections.


Conducting research into sustainable agricultural practices such as growing food along with the preservation of our natural wildlife habitats is key to Agroforestry. Working alongside planning committees and community groups, agroforestry makes recommendations for projects to have the least environmental impact with new construction.

In Conclusion

The importance of planning and conservation is of great concern to maintain and even improve the quality of life for our planet. Protecting the inhabitants of the earth is a priority to ensure our future generations health. Sustainable jobs are here to stay and will only increase moving forward with our growing population. Check into jobs in sustainable industries for more information.