The workspace is a crucial element for making production effective and efficient. In addition to valuing projection at work, organizational culture, and technology, employees also give great importance to the physical space they spend most of their day today.

Most employees spend 40 hours a week at their jobs. It makes it essential that this space is pleasant, comfortable, and adapted to the functions and tasks carried out in it. The office must be a place of inspiration, which invites communication and collaboration, essential elements to improve productivity.

According to a study by Ipsos, Spaniards are among the most dissatisfied with their work environment. The reasons they cite are stress, the difficulty they have in concentrating, the fact that there is no possibility of telecommuting, and the lack of privacy when working mainly in open spaces.

The workspace is the second factor, after the salary, to determine a worker’s satisfaction. And if a worker is satisfied, he will perform more, and it will translate into a better work environment, an objective of every employer.

The Keys So that the Work Space is the Right One

Work environments must contribute to improving the worker’s physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the appearance of the office and make it a pleasant and comfortable environment. In this way, you will be more productive, creative and innovative.

Here are the Keys to Making the Workspace Suitable:


The design of the office must attend to the comfort of the workers, facilitating the movement between the different enabled spaces and without obstacles. It will make it look neat and clean, one of the keys to concentrating and finding what you are looking for without incurring distractions.

Office Use

An account executive does not have the exact needs as a computer scientist. An office must be appropriate to the work and activity carried out. Functionality must prevail, organizing the office space to the tasks and team dynamics carried out.

Allocation of Spaces

A well-designed work environment will provide different spaces to facilitate carrying out various tasks throughout the day. In this sense, it must have an open space since they are the ones that favor collaboration, transparency and communication. But also with some closed or private room, which favors concentration and helps the meetings not be interrupted continuously. In this way, users of the space will choose one environment or another depending on the type of activity they carry out.

Communication Flow

Every office must have rest spaces, where you can go to disconnect. It can be a corner where a coffee or snack machine is locate and sofas. These spaces are essential within the company, as they promote informal conversations and the feeling of belonging to a group.


When working, lighting plays a fundamental role. The best thing is that it is natural. The offices must be exterior, with large windows through which daylight enters, without the need for artificial lights. The sight of workers will appreciate it and be a source of energy and optimism.

Company Culture

If the company rules allow it, each worker could decorate their desk with a personal item or plant. These details make the place more pleasant and personalize the workspace.

What does Wit land Business Center do to Create an Ideal Work Environment

Witland Business Center offers different offices and offices, all of them customizable and adaptable to the characteristics of each company. We believe that each business should find its space and adapt it to its needs. The greater the worker’s ability to choose his position and work environment, the greater his satisfaction, resulting in greater productivity. For this reason, we leave absolute freedom in the conditioning of the offices.

The Importance Of The Workspace

The Importance Of The Workspace

Technology, design and innovation come together to shape our workplace. With an aesthetic increasingly far from traditional, large, medium, and small companies seek to be up to date when offering their employees an optimal and efficient workplace.

No one thinks that the space where we carry out our work does not influence its quality, and therefore the effort to be creative and look for attractive areas is already necessary. A good workspace will reduce stress and increase productivity, but beyond this, it contributes to well-being and happiness at work.


Furniture, in general, takes on an essential role in creating harmonious and friendly spaces. To improve the area, we can add natural light, colours depending on what we want to convey, music, attractive views or even elements of nature. But the key is in a good design of the space, which allows taking advantage of the available meters in the best way, creating small or large areas that would enable the mobility of the employee and give him the option to have both a place to share with his colleagues, to meet in private, or to reflect alone. In the work area, the choice of an ergonomic chair is essential. Still, we must consider that we are probably not facing positions in which the eight working hours are seated in the same place, something that will depend on each type of organization and its purposes.