Getting on a mobile phone plan is one of the most important personal decisions you can make to keep your finances in check. On average, people who are not on any mobile plan will spend about 15% more and this is mostly due to the fact that they are not aware of how much resources they spend on for their communication. However, even those on a mobile phone plan can also make irresponsible decisions. This also goes for anyone travelling, especially to a country with several carrier networks like Australia. Luckily, this guide will show you how best to search and find a good mobile phone network in Australia.

How to Make the Best of Mobile Phone Plans Australia

With several carrier networks, there is a chance that you may make several mistakes especially when it comes to travelling across vast distances. Australia has one of the most diverse geographical landscapes and this makes coverage a difficult task for carrier networks. There are still some pockets of areas with very limited coverage and therefore network companies have to collaborate to make things easier for phone users.

The trick to finding a good mobile phone plan therefore lies on which area you are in and whether you intend to move around a lot. In that case, then you can opt for a larger carrier which assures you of coverage in most areas of Australia. After that, you should pick a mobile phone plan that offers priority on calls and text service since chances of getting good data service in far off areas is limited.

Is an unlimited Mobile phone plan the best idea?

Unlimited phone plans are great if you are a constant communicator through calls and texts. However, you need to ensure you know your consumption limits otherwise you run the risk of exceeding your limits and getting on a data or caller minutes debt with your carrier. A good way of ensuring you don’t exceed your limit is by limiting it yourself using the available features on your phone. You can set minute or hour timers on your conversations and check back on your limits and resources.

How to Reduce Your Data Consumption

There are several ways to reduce your data consumption while you are on a mobile phone plan. Getting a reliable WiFi connection is crucial since with WiFi you can get enough reliable data for all your communication. However, if you are on the move, you can get a mobile WiFi router that’s battery powered and this will ensure you use sim-based WiFi which tend to be cheaper when bought in bulk.

Making International Calls On A Mobile Phone Plan

International calls tend to be quite expensive but when you are on a mobile phone plan then chances are they will be slightly cheaper than on other plans. A prepaid plan will likely cost you higher if you are making many international calls since the carrier will need to cover the roaming costs first before assigning you minutes.