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An adapter or connecter is a device that changes attributes of one electrical device or system to persons of an otherwise mismatched device or system. Some adapt power or signal attributes, while others merely adapt the physical form of one connector to another.

Adaptors allow two different connectors or interfaces to be connected to each other, even if they have incompatible shapes or sizes.

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  1. Types of Adapters:
    • Connector Adapters: These convert one type of connector into another, allowing devices with different connectors to be linked. For example, a USB-to-HDMI adapter can connect a USB port to an HDMI display.
    • Voltage Adapters: Voltage adapters or converters are used to match the electrical voltage between devices in different regions with varying power standards.
    • Size Adapters: Some adapters are designed to change the size or shape of a connector, such as a headphone jack size adapter.
    • Multi-Port Adapters: These adapters expand the number of ports or connections available on a device. For instance, a USB-C hub can provide multiple USB, HDMI, and other ports from a single USB-C port on a laptop.
  2. Applications:
    • Adaptors are handy in situations where you need to connect devices or cables with incompatible connectors.
    • They are commonly used in IT, audio/video setups, travel (for voltage conversion), and situations where connectivity needs change.

Travel Adapters

Travel Adapters


Many countries with bonds to Europe use 230-volt, 50 Hz AC mains electricity, using a diversity of power plugs and sockets. Difficulty arises when touching an electrical device between republics that use dissimilar sockets.

A passive electric power adapter, occasionally called a travel plug or travel adapter, allows using a plug from one area with a foreign socket. As other republics supply 120-volt, 60 Hz AC, using a travel connecter in a country with a different supply poses a care hazard if the linked device does not support both input voltages.

Computer Adapters

A host controller attaches a computer to a peripheral device, such as a storing device, network, or human border device. As a host controller can also be watched as bridging the protocols used on the buses between outlying and computer, and internally to the computer, it is also named a host bus adapter.

Likewise, specific types may be called adapters: a network interface controller may be called a network adapter, and a graphics card a display adapter.

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