Admission Management System

An institution has several ways of promoting itself and putting it out there, but the best way to do this is by enhancing the institution’s quality of education. Recently, they have been doing this by including diversity in learning methodologies, how they provide education, the method of connecting with students, and many reforms. These reforms are useful to the extent that it benefits students and their learning environment.

By introducing an online education system, we saw a breakthrough in the pandemic era. Students connected and continued to learn despite a deadly virus on the go. Since the first step to e-learning and taking admission into any college, school, or university these days starts with admission, and an admission management system is something every institute needs.

What is admission management software?

Gone are those days when you had to stand in long lines and wait for hours to get a form, fill it up, submit it, make payments, and wait for further document approvals. You can now easily log into the official website of a school, or sign up including student details to maintain a record of your admission. The next few steps are easier than ever! After doing away with traditional processes, students watch themselves adapt successfully to the online facilities an institution can provide.

An admission management system is the official software a school uses to integrate technology with the administrative process of the institution, record student data, complete payment procedures, offer security, and process student admission through online portals.

This computerized method is so easy to use that all the manual effort the school administrative unit would have to give in every academic session beginning is now eliminated. They can focus on more important things like approving student data, running background checks if there is a requirement, reviewing student performance officially, and hosting seminars with interested students or their parents.

Besides an admission management portal, an institution maintains several other online platforms to integrate better learning procedures. The most important ones would be the ERP software or a learning management system that has subcategories.

Similarly, the admission portal also goes hand in hand and combines the features of a fee management software and a student record sheet. Before we go into detail about the step-by-step process of filling out a form, making payments, and recording student fees, let’s know more about why admission management software is a requirement.

Importance of an admission management software

  • Maximizes the availability of school administration to clear doubts of candidates.
  • Flexibility in filling out forms, making payments, and choosing a platform or medium of payment.
  • Students can fill in admission details slowly in a guided manner rather than rushing through it and making mistakes. They can complete a few sections, save the progress and get back to it later. Editing options are also available in some portals.
  • The lesser the human participation, the lesser errors the system makes in recording student data.
  • Changes are reflected in real-time.
  • Students can receive notifications about admission updates, mistakes they might have possibly made in the form, missing document sheets, etc.
  • Reduces an institution’s effort into manual work, and by leaving the admission to a portal, they can focus more on providing quality education and other prioritized areas.

Steps of filling an Online Admission Form

Step 1: Go through the instructions, terms, and conditions

This is the most important part because it specifies grade distribution, category, a link for payments and editing form once completed, and other terms and conditions the student must be aware of.

Step 2: Applying

To officially apply, read the instructions and fill in every necessary detail. Student data is recorded and officially confirmed by documents uploaded. That step comes later. Once you have successfully applied, the portal will generate an OTP to confirm. You can receive this OTP on your mobile phone number, or e-mail address.

Step 3: Secure payment

Students can make the payment in both offline and online forms. Online medium is the most preferred, it is a safe way, quick, easy, and secure. Choose your mode of payment, it could be net banking, online banking, debit or credit card payment, etc. After completing the payment you will receive a notification from both the admission portal and your bank account to confirm the amount has been credited from your account and received by the concerned institution.

Step 4: Student administrator panel

The school administration has access to this and records information filled in. There’s nothing for a student to do here, it is an initiation step.

Wasn’t that simple? Don’t be worried about the complexities of online portals, everything you need to know will be provided by the institution itself. All you have to do is read carefully!