5 Best BoAt Air dopes – Cross Out Worthless!

Earpods Boat – If you didn’t know, BoAt is India’s #1 earring brand! Most of the credit energies to the Airdopes series. With its price-performance ratio, the BoAt Airdopes TWS series dominates the market. But out of the 20+ airdrop options, here are the 5 best BoAt airdrops we reviewed.

Here at PC World Solutions, we’ve owned, reviewed, and compared most of BoAt’s Air dopes to find the best for our readers. That existence said, here are the 5 best BoAt Air dopes.

1.     Why buy BoAt Airdopes 141? Earpods Boat

Why buy BoAt Airdopes 141 Earpods Boat

The BoAt Airdopes 141 is the successor to the BoAt Airdopes 131. We have owned the 131 and can confidently say that the 141 is a significant upgrade overall. It also has touch controls on both earbuds.

The silicone ear tips ensure a snug fit, so you can use them for jogging, walking or maybe even running. The BoAt includes two additional pairs of laces for better support and comfort for the best possible fit.

The 10mm audio motorists on each earbud produce high-quality music. Be it vocals, instruments or even bass, the earphones preserve detail at high volume. If you like fantastic bass, you can use this one.

why don’t you buy

This is not the right choice if you want a small and compact TWS option. The earphones also have a decent weight. Second, the cargo hold bag is too big. On the go, your tote bag oozes out of your pants!

2.     Why buy BoAt Airdopes 121v2? Earpods Boat

Why buy BoAt Airdopes 121v2 Earpods Boat

BoAt Airdopes 121v2 is a compact and ultra-compact TWS headset. The silicone ear tips seal well and the earbuds don’t fall off easily. They are, therefore, well suited for a leisurely walk or run.

Don’t think it couldn’t look good because of its small size! But 8mm audio drivers offer high-quality sound without distortion. BoAt’s signature sound, heavy bass, clear vocals and good treble are also present in 121v2.

Although the carrying case is small, it can charge the 0-100 earbuds about 3 times. Speaking of which, the sprouts can last up to 5 hours at a time.

why don’t you buy

The only cheat we encountered on the Airdopes 121v2 is the microphone. You can undoubtedly make or receive calls without significant issues, but the call quality itself isn’t excellent. They tend to pick up more background noise outdoors. To be completely honest, most TWS around 1200 has a similar sound quality. The call quality is sufficient indoors.

3.     Why should you buy BoAt Airdopes 441 Pro? Earpods Boat

Why should you buy BoAt Airdopes 441 Pro

The BoAt Airdopes 441 Pro or the Regular 441 is aimed at fitness or athletes. Find a snug, comfortable fit in no time, thanks to the interchangeable silicone ear hooks and tips. Because all sports involve sweat, the BoAt Airdopes 441 Pro comes with IPX7 water resistance.

The 6mm audio drivers do an excellent job of delivering loud and clear audio output. Unlike other BoAt headphones that offer deep bass, these headphones emphasise treble and vocals while maintaining an impressive level of detail with decent bass. If music is as essential to you as it is, the BoAt Airdopes 441 Pro is a clear recommendation by audiophiles for audiophiles.

For convenience, the 441 Pro has touch controls to change songs, answer calls, or launch Assistant with a single tap.

If you suffer from battery anxiety like our readers, you should buy the 441 Pro ASAP! The 2600mAh battery case will keep you stress-free for weeks. This carrying case can charge your phone like a power bank in an emergency.

The other thing we loved about the Airdopes 441 was the dual mic on each earbud. Thanks to this, you will get clear and lifelike call quality. To most WFH, this was my best friend ever!

why don’t you buy

If you need two Airdopes just to enjoy the bass, it won’t fit. Secondly, BoAt could present a TFT display of the current battery status due to the larger body. However, it has LED notification lights.

It’s also not a lightweight TWS option. If you need a lighter weight, the BoAt Airdopes 121v2 and BoAt Airdopes 141 are more suitable.

4.     Why should you buy BoAt Airdopes 621? Earpods Boat

Why should you buy BoAt Airdopes 621

The BoAt Airdopes 621 is just as premium as the BoAt Airdopes 441. The excellent design can also be experienced with the VP charging case and the headphones. The large battery screen offers a good overview of the current battery status of the charging case and the earphones.

In terms of sound quality, it is very similar to the BoAt Airdopes 441 Pro. That means it also delivers crystal clear highs and highs with great detail. Aside from audio like the BoAt Airdopes 441, the 621 also borrows a power bank like charging. In other words, you can custody of your smartphone in an emergency.

Enjoying 150 hours of media from a 2600mAh brick in terms of battery is great. You can drink juice for 5 hours while stretching. Is the battery low? No worries! Supports fast charging. So 5 minutes of charging can get you 1 hour of juice.

Bluetooth 5.0 is also a robust point of the BoAt Airdopes 621. Although 5.0 is in some ways common to pretty much all BoAt Air devices, this seems to be the best Bluetooth connection. There are no faint sounds or noise interruptions in less than 10 meters.

why don’t you buy

The biggest disappointment for us was the lack of touch controls. Second, the suitcase is huge and heavy. So if you want to put it in your pocket on the go, it’s not very convenient.

5.     Why should you buy BoAt Airdopes 391? Earpods Boat

Why should you buy BoAt Airdopes 391

If you’re a fan of bass, this one gets our vote! On paper, 6mm drivers might not seem like much, but the tiny buds can hit your ear canal! The best thing about the 391 is the volume. They can be loud and bass-heavy, and they’ll get your adrenaline pumping as you work out!

Secondly, the ear tips design is a way to fit the ear comfortably, and a total of 4 silicone ear tips ensure the best grip.

Not all earbuds have excellent call quality, but this one impressed us with the best! Call quality is clear, and I haven’t complained about it in my 5 months of ownership. So you need to connect; BoAt Airdopes 391 is your best choice.

why don’t you buy

The spare headphone battery is not a strong point. Don’t get me wrong, and it can bring up to 4 hours of juice at a time. But at this price point, you have options like the Airdopes 441 Pro and Airdopes 621 that are miles better in this regard.

Second, the design of the earbuds may not appeal to many. Headphones bulge a lot, especially if you have small ears. Although it will never fall off, it may bother you while wearing your winter hat.

There You Have it!

These are the 5 best Airdopes reviews for boats. Top 5 BoAt Airdopes can care for all your music and calling needs. Since we own all of the above products and have been using them for about 5-6 months, we can recommend them to our readers.

If you still have any last-minute questions or doubts, please contact us via any of our social media accounts listed below. We love helping our readers make the best choice!