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What is a Rugged Mobile Device?

Ruggedized devices are those that are durable, dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof or waterproof. They have long battery life and tough outer casings that protect these devices in the event of a fall or impact.

There are three robustness levels:

Semi-rugged devices have the same components as non-rugged models, but are better protected. An example of a semi-reinforcement would be a spill-resistant laptop keyboard.

Fully rugged units are frequently tested to military specifications and are ideal for construction sites. They can be dropped from great heights, are impervious to water and dust, and withstand extreme temperatures. Its components are also more durable. For example, a solid state drive is more likely to be found in fully ruggedized devices than a mechanical hard drive.

Ultra-rugged laptops, tablets and smartphones are built to withstand the worst conditions. They are fairly indestructible and can be used in sandstorms and snowstorms. Unsurprisingly, ultra-rugged devices are the most expensive.

How are Robust Devices Used in Companies?

Rugged devices are beneficial to businesses across a variety of industries as they have many practical uses. Consider these examples:

Construction site: Think of the heights at a construction site. Surely you want employees hundreds of feet off the ground to have fully rug work phones in case the devices are accidentally drop from above.

Restaurants: Maybe you have a restaurant that relies on tablets to take orders quickly. Adequate resiliency can prevent costly damage when devices are accidentally drop from servers or clients.

Education: It is becoming more common for schools to provide or require their students to use personal laptops or tablets in class. Parents and educators investing in these types of devices need devices that are as durable and robust as possible. After all, kids aren’t exactly known for being careful with things.

Medical Supplies: Rugged devices are ideal in a variety of medical situations, such as: B. when the power goes out in a hospital or first responders rescue people in a natural disaster.

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