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Are you a human or a machine? Prove it by passing the Turing test, a test of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour.

In Alan Turing’s 1950 essay Computing Machinery and Intelligence, the mathematician asked, “Can machines think?” But almost immediately, he dismissed that query as too “meaningless” to warrant discussion, changing it to a much more specific question: “Are there any digital computers imaginable that would do well in the imitation game?”

Turing Test’s original “imitation game” had nothing to do with artificial intelligence. It was a simple board game with three players: a man, a woman and a judge of either sex. The judge sits in a room separate from the man and woman and has to guess who is who from a written note.

However, the current standard interpretation of the Turing test replaces one of the participants with a machine that must “mimic” intelligence. In this case, the judge must decide which of the two is the man and which is the machine. The computer succeeds and passes the test if, as Turing puts it, “the questioner gets as many wrong decisions in the game [with the computer] as in the game between man and woman”.

There is a bit of discussion about whether the computer and the person should trick the questioner into making a wrong decision. In the original impersonation game, one tries to fool the judge while the other doesn’t, meaning they both pretend to be the same gender. However, the most common interpretation of the Turing test today is imitation rather than deception.

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