Google Chrome

Google Chrome is nothing more than a free web browser created by Google to access web pages found on the Internet. For May 2020, it was considered the most used web browser globally, with more than 60% of the share of this market.

Chrome stands for “graphical user interface,” referring to computer software that feeds on images and graphical objects to deliver a visually simple environment for the user.

Also, one of the main features of this web browser is that it is cross-platform, which means that it can be used on multiple computers, mobile devices, and operating systems. According to a study carried out by Statista, Google Chrome for the Android operating system is the most used version, with more than 32% of the global market share of web browsers for February 2020.

How do you Get this Web Browser?

This web browser can be downloaded and used for free on multiple platforms, as shown below with their respective direct links for download and installation:

  • Android
  • Mac OS 10.10 or later
  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7 64 bit
  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7 32 bit
  • Linux
  • iOS

How do you Get this Web Browser for Computers?

To get Google Chrome for computers, follow the instructions below :

  • Visit the Google Chrome website – Any web browser can be used to download  Chrome. If you do not have a browser previously installed, you can use the web browser installed in the operating system ( Internet Explorer for Windows and Safari for Mac OS).
  • Clicking “Download Chrome” – Clicking the Download Chrome button will instantly open the “Google Chrome Terms of Service” window.
  • Specify whether you want Google  to be your default browser: If you’re going to specify Google Chrome as your default browser, it will run whenever you click a web page link in another program (such as in an email).
  • Reading the terms of service, clicking “Accept and install”: Reading the terms of service and clicking Accept and install will start the installer and be installed when the operation is complete. Depending on your browser settings, you may allow the program to run.
  • Sign in to Chrome: when you have the browser installed, a browser window will display the usage information for the first time. Sign in later with your Google account to sync your bookmarks, preferences, and browsing history with any Chrome browser you use.

It requires 350 MB of free disk space and 512 MB of RAM to optimally. So make sure your computer has those resources available before installing Chrome.

How do you Get this Web Browser for Mobile Devices?

To get Google Chrome for mobile devices, follow the instructions below :

  • Open the store of your device: if they use the Android operating system, it is the Play Store, and in the case of the iOS operating system, it is the App Store. So, for example, Chrome is available from Android 4.0 and iOS 5.0.
  • Search for Chrome: must be published by Google, Inc.
  • Install Chrome: click on the “Install” button to start downloading and installing the application. Permissions may need to be accepted before you can install them.
  • Launch the app: Once installed, the first time you launch Chrome, you’ll be asked if you’d like to sign in with your Google account. IT will sync all of your saved bookmarks, preferences, and browsing histories with other versions of Chrome that you use.

How do you use Google Chrome?

How do you use Google Chrome_

Using Google Chrome remains as easy as using the default web browser on your current computer (such as Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari). When you want to visit a website, you have to type the web address URL in the address bar at the highest and hit Enter / Go / Search.

Google Chrome contains basic features like back and forward buttons, refresh buttons, bookmarks, history, and settings like other web browsers. It also has an incognito mode to browse privately without getting your account, cookies, or tracked site data. It, too, has a vast library of plugins and extensions.

However, Chrome’s set of additional features goes far beyond the basics.

What are the Most Outstanding Features of Google Chrome?

Next, we will show you the most excellent outstanding features of Google Chrome :

  • Simple and functional interface: this web browser has been characterized by its simplicity in its interface. For clients, it is necessary to be practical and straightforward because its main objective is to use it as a resource to access specific sites. In short, the browser is just a resource and, as such, should be easy to use.
  • Efficiency: Google Chrome supports complex web applications and is compatible with current web programming languages.
  • Free and open-source software: this feature means that customers can modify, study or alter their design through the source code.
  • It supports improvements and updates: Google Chrome remains available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as fine as its continuous updates and improvements. The main goal of modifications and updates is to make the browser faster, more stable, and more functional.
  • Secure Browsing: With this feature, this browser informs the client when they are about to enter a potentially insecure site.
  • Search bar: The search bar is one of the most outstanding features of Google Chrome, allowing calculations and statistics, including Google searches, without accessing the search engine’s website.
  • Downloads – Downloads in Google Chrome are at the bottom of the screen. They can be accessed by clicking “show all downloads” on the right side of the download bar. It appears in a separate tab to avoid losing information on open accounts.

What are Google Chrome Extensions?

Extensions are nothing more than applications installed in the browser, fulfilling specific tasks that improve the customer experience. For example,  YouTube, Mail, and Google Search are automatically installed on your computers and your mobile devices. However, there is a wide variety and quantity of extensions: there are some to increase productivity, for gaming, improving online security, and more.

The extensions are like applications that you install in this browser and that, like the apps on your cell phone, fulfil specific functions that improve the user experience.

When you install Google Chrome, YouTube, Mail, and Google Search are automatically install. However, the variety and quantity of extensions are enormous: there are to increase your productivity, play games, improve online security, and a lot more. And best of all, many extensions are free.

All it extensions are in the Chrome Web Store; you can access them from here or by entering the Google Chrome menu under More tool > Extensions. There you can see the extensions you have installed, and by clicking on Get more extensions, you will enter the Chrome Web Store page.

Today, we learned more about this marvelous browser, Google Chrome; we hope you have learned and enjoyed it.


Google Chrome is a cross-platform web browser establish by Google. It was first out in 2008 for Microsoft Windows, assembled with free software components from Apple WebKit and Mozilla Firefox. It was later port to Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android, the default browser.